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Medical Billing and Coding Work From Home

Medical billing and coding jobs and careers in medical billing are highly sought after. Medical coders and billers are a crucial part of the industry, and their roles can be performed virtually anywhere, making it an attractive opportunity for many who are looking for a job where they can work from home. These career options are great for those who want a well-paid job that doesn't require a traditional two- or four-year degree. U.S. Career Institute offers affordable, career-focused medical coding and billing training online that prepare you for entry into these professions.

Become a Medical Coder

Become a Medical Billing Professional

Medical Billing and Coding as a Work From Home Profession

With flexible scheduling and no need to commute, choosing to work from home in medical billing or coding has many benefits. Billing and medical coding from home are great career choices for professionals who need schedule flexibility. You may also be able to save on work-related expenses when you do medical billing and coding from home, since you won't need to commute.

Once you’ve acquired the skills and knowledge you need, you may even choose to start your own medical coding and billing business from home. There are very few overhead costs, so compared to other startup business ventures, medical billing and coding work from home is a good choice for those who are self-motivated, excel at time management, and are able to balance the amount of work they accept with the amount of time they have to work.

How to Start as a Medical Billing and Coding Professional at Home

The first step to becoming a medical biller and coder from home is to get the career training you need to succeed. It's helpful to have an understanding of the medical field and the business of how hospitals and doctors' offices are run. Those who have worked as administrative assistants in these settings may find that starting their own medical coding and billing business is a good career move at some point. In addition to professional work experience, enrolling in a course specific to medical claims billing or medical coding can offer students the foundational knowledge needed to learn how to do medical billing and coding from home and successfully pass the certification exams needed. Starting a medical billing and coding business from home will require access to a computer, the necessary proprietary software, coding manuals and reliable Internet access.

Finding Online Training to Be a Medical Biller and Coder

If you're interested in medical billing and coding from home, coursework through U.S. Career Institute is a great way to get the skills you need to position yourself for success. Our affordable, self-paced medical billing and coding program is an efficient method for how to learn medical coding and billing at home. You can study online at your own pace, spending as little or as much time on each topic as needed. When you study medical coding and billing from home with U.S. Career Institute, you'll receive quality learning materials and instruction focused on teaching you practical skills you'll use every day in your new career. Our medical coding and billing home study course teaches you the ins and outs of the field and prepares you to attain certification, so you'll be ready to hit the ground running once you complete your certificate program and certification exam though one of these professional organizations:

At-Home Income: Medical Coding and Billing from Home Salary Potential

In addition to flexibility and low stress, the medical billing and coding work-from-home salary is another appealing aspect that draws people to careers in this field. The average certified medical coder has the potential to earn a median annual salary of approximately $57,000*. Certified medical billers enjoy a median salary of around $55,000*. Health information technicians have the opportunity to increase their annual salary by obtaining two or more certifications. The longer one has worked in the medical coding and billing industry, the more likely they are to be offered a remote position. Advancing the Business of Healthcare (AAPC) estimates professionals should have 11-12 years of experience to increase their chances of working remotely.

Finding the Right Medical Billing and Coding Jobs from Home

Medical billing and coding jobs that are work-from-home positions are available and expected to continue to grow, as the demand for these professionals is expected to increase much faster than average – 9% between 2019 and 2030**. To find medical billing and coding jobs from home, you might start by checking with local hospitals, clinics, and private medical practices. Insurance companies also offer full-time, part-time, and per-diem work-from-home medical coding and billing positions. You'll need HIPAA-compliant security software and a professional certification to obtain these jobs. Your career training with U.S. Career Institute will prepare you for at-home professions in medical coding and billing with a range of potential employers.

Professional Growth and Medical Coding Billing Careers at Home

A medical billing and coding home business can put you on track to enjoy a flourishing career on your terms and at your own pace. Starting a medical billing and coding business from home is attainable with dedication. Enroll in our medical coding and billing courses for a distance-learning experience that will prepare you for professional growth through medical billing and coding careers at home.

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