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Online High School Program for Teens

Online high school programs are great for teens that are struggling in the traditional classroom. Whether they are struggling with their grades, acting out, dealing with bullies, have health issues, special needs, or are dealing with other issues, enrolling in an alternative high school, like an online school, can help the student find success. USCI online high school program for teens provides the flexibility that many students need to get back on track and get their diploma.

Online high school programs for teens offer a variety of benefits for students that find traditional schools difficult. Many traditional public schools struggle to provide a safe environment. Bullies and negative peer groups can have a negative impact on students and can lead to absences and poor performance. In person classrooms can also be distracting, making it difficult for students to focus or stay on track. Online alternative high schools offer the possibility for students to study independently, where they won’t be distracted or encounter difficult situations with peer groups. USCI is proud to accept all students, regardless of their past school experience. Enroll today to get started!

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Q. Can I transfer credits from previous high school classes?
A. Students are able to transfer up to 18 previous high school credits. After enrollment in our online high school program, students have 75 days to submit their previous high school transcripts. If you attended 9th grade as a junior high program, submit your junior high transcript to receive credit for the completed courses.
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Q. When does the program start?
A. USCI’s online high school program starts immediately after a student has enrolled. Students can expect to receive an email with student login information as well as access to their first course, HS002- Strategies for Academic Success.
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Q. How much time do I have to complete the program?
A. After students gain access to their first course (typically right after enrollment) they will have 12 months or 30 days per 0.5 credit hours per school year to complete the school work for the grade year of study.
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USCI does not guarantee the transferability of its credits to any other institution or acceptance of its diploma to meet college entrance requirements or requirements of potential employers. The acceptance of transfer academic credits and academic credentials to another institution is determined by the receiving institution. Courses in U.S. Career Institute’s high school program may or may not transfer to other institutions and depends solely on the receiving institution’s criteria and determination.