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Business Certificate Programs

Develop a strong foundation in business functions through our Business Certificate programs. U.S. Career Institute curricula will prepare you for a career through our relevant and informational courses. Real-world training and real-life business scenarios provide an education that will prepare you for the world of business.

Accounting ServicesEarn up to $45,860 per year*
Learn the importance of accounting services in today’s businesses. Be prepared for an entry-level position in an accounting, payroll, or tax preparation department or firm.

Bookkeeping Earn up to $45,860 per year*
Skilled bookkeepers are needed in every business. Learn how to effectively manage an individual’s finances or a small company’s books and records. Bookkeepers have the opportunity to work from home or in exciting fields like entertainment, travel, and government.

Computer Essentials
Learn the skills needed to use Microsoft® Office applications or update your PC skills through this step-by-step solution. It even includes toll-free hotline support! PC skills are essential in today’s job market. Prepare today for a better job for tomorrow!

Insurance Claims AdjusterEarn up to $72,040 per year*
As an insurance claims adjuster, you will work with consumers to help them settle their insurance claims fairly. You will be the customer’s link to their insurance carrier during traumatic times. Your knowledge and skill will help them toward a fair resolution of their claims.

Office AdministratorEarn up to $44,080 per year*
In as little as four months, you’ll learn to create spreadsheets, manage databases, conduct research, prepare presentations and much more. Play a vital role in any business you choose – education, travel, finance, real estate, banking, retail.

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*With experience, based on figures from the U.S. Dept. of Labor’s BLS website [visited April 25, 2024].