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Transcript Policy

Transcript Policy

USCI may withhold transcripts and diplomas for nonpayment of tuition and fees. Students that have a financial hold on their transcript may request an exception under Colorado HB 22-1049. Colorado HB 22-1049 requires the transcript to be released if a student can demonstrate, with supporting documentation, that a transcript or diploma is needed for any of the following:

  • A job application
  • Transferring to another postsecondary institution
  • Applying for state, federal, or institutional financial aid
  • Pursuit of opportunities in the military or national guard
  • Pursuit of other postsecondary opportunities

Students should contact Student Services at to request a temporary release of a transcript or diploma hold if they meet the criteria listed above.

  • This exception does not apply to foreign students
  • This exception does not release the student from their debt
  • Registration in additional USCI courses may not be allowed