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The Duties of Sterile Processing Technician

Sterile processing is an important part of the healthcare system. Sterile processing techs are responsible for cleaning, sterilizing, and packing instruments for surgery among other significant tasks.

What is Medical Coding and Billing

What is Medical Coding and Billing?

Medical coding and billing are an essential part of the healthcare revenue cycle, ensuring that medical providers are reimbursed for services delivered.

Reasons to Become a Medical Coding and Billing Specialist

Medical coding and billing is an essential part of the healthcare field, with a national shortage,* demand for qualified medical coders and billers is only expected to grow!

Become a Pharmacy Tech

Becoming a Pharmacy Technician

If you are looking for a career that you can start in less than a year, has good work versatility, and competitive pay, then a career as a pharmacy technician may be a great fit!

Student Life


High School Bullying Guide

Bullying looks different at different ages and also takes on many different forms. Some bullying involves physical violence; this is very common among young children.

The School Counselors Role in Bully Prevention

The School Counselor's Role in Bully Prevention

By high school, almost everyone has had some experience with bullying either as a victim, a bystander, or as a bully.


A Student's Guide to Managing ADHD at School

Symptoms of ADHD such as distractibility, poor time management and disorganization can make working in the classroom, homework and assessments challenging.


Set Your Child Up for At-Home Learning

Are your kids attending an online school? Online learning can be great for children, but ensuring they are set up for success is crucial. Discover how you can help your child be successful in an online school.

High School

High School Earnings vs Non Graduate Earnings

Is getting your high school diploma worth it? Most likely! People who have a high school diploma statistically make more than those who never graduate. Review the earnings gaps by state now!

Best High School in Every State

Best High School in Each State

A great high school can be a huge factor in your decision on where to move. U.S. Career Institute has put together a guide on the best high school in every state! See if your school makes the list now!

Online High School Diploma USCI

USCI Online High School Diploma

There are a variety of ways that you can receive your high school diploma. Beyond going to an in-person school, there are also online options available. Online high school is a great option for both adult and teens!

Online High School for Adults

Online High School Program for Adults

Returning to high school as an adult can be challenging, it will take discipline, motivation, and courage, but it is possible! Choosing a program that will work for your lifestyle is essential to ensure your success!


USCI Launches New Online High School

USCI Launches New High School

U.S. Career Institute is proud to announce the launch of our new online high school! Whether you are an adult going back to school or a traditional student looking for alternative high schools, our program is perfect for you!

USCI New Programs: Phlebotomy and HVACR

U.S. Career Institute now has two new exciting programs! Explore the opportunities of your new exciting career as a phlebotomy technician or a HVACR technician. Learn more now.

USCI celebrates 40 years

Providing 40 years of education excellence, U.S. Career Institute is celebrating their 40th year anniversary. We are proud to have served the online learning community with flexible, quality distance education for the last 40 years.

New Sterile Processing Program

U.S. Career Institute has added a sterile processing technician program to our list of certification programs. Learn more about USCI and our new sterile processing technician program now available.

Career Advice

Guide to Green Careers

Fastest Growing & Declining Industries

Are you trying to decide what industry you want to enter or are you looking for a new industry to enter? We've compiled a list of the fastest inclining and declining industries!

Jobs With the Lowest Risk of Automation

Jobs With the Lowest Risk of Automation

The age of artificial intelligence and automated robots is here, and with it comes many advancements for society. But the main concern on many people’s minds as we enter the age of automation led by robots and artificial intelligence (AI) is “Will robots take my job?”

80 Jobs That Pay Over 50K

80 Jobs That Pay Over 50K

College can be expensive and isn’t a viable option for everyone. There are a variety of jobs available that don’t require a degree but still pay over $50k. We’ve compiled a list of 80 jobs that you can get without a degree!

Best Jobs to Work Remotely

Best Jobs You Can Work Remotely

In recent years, remote work has become more common and have become easier to find for those who wish to work from home. There are a lot of opportunities that would allow you to work from home, but here are a few options!


Highest and Lowest Graduation Rates

Highest and Lowest Graduation Rates

Finishing high school is a major achievement! Although High School graduation rates have been on the rise over the past decade, there are still some states and counties that have low graduation rates.

Online Learning USCI

Online Learning at USCI

Continuing your education can have a positive impact on your life and career. Online education at USCI allows you to continue your education while studying at your own pace, on your own time, and wherever you want.

Future of Online Education

Future of Online Learning

Thanks to advances in new technology and internet access education is changing everyday. What does the future of online education look like? Learn more about where online education is going.

Equipped for a Career

Equipped for a Career

USCI offers a variety of certificate and associate degree programs that can help you prepare for a career. USCI can help you be equipped for a career of your choice, read more now to learn how.

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