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High School Earnings vs Non Graduate Earnings

Is getting your high school diploma worth it? Most likely! People who have a high school diploma statistically make more than those who never graduate. Review the earnings gaps by state now!

Highest and Lowest Graduation Rates

Highest and Lowest Graduation Rates

Finishing high school is a major achievement! Although High School graduation rates have been on the rise over the past decade, there are still some states and counties that have low graduation rates.

Online Learning USCI

Online Learning at USCI

Continuing your education can have a positive impact on your life and career. Online education at USCI allows you to continue your education while studying at your own pace, on your own time, and wherever you want.

Future of Online Education

Future of Online Learning

Thanks to advances in new technology and internet access education is changing everyday. What does the future of online education look like? Learn more about where online education is going.

Equipped for a Career

Equipped for a Career

USCI offers a variety of certificate and associate degree programs that can help you prepare for a career. USCI can help you be equipped for a career of your choice, read more now to learn how.

Returning to Post Secondary

Returning to Post-Secondary School

So you’ve finished high school and are trying to decide if you should continue your education. Individuals who continue their education beyond a high school diploma often make more, which is one reason you should consider post-secondary school.

High School English Grammar Resources

High School English Grammar Resources

When you're in high school, there are a lot of demands on your time and attention, and one of these will be the need to write lots of essays.

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