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Why Distance Education

Why Distance Education

Distance education was originally designed for people unable to attend traditional schools. Today, it is a popular education option for students from all walks of life. Even students on traditional campuses are opting for distance learning courses.

Benefits of Distance Education

  • Many distance education programs are self-paced. Students can advance quickly through material they've already mastered and slow down on new material.
  • Study when you want, where you want.
  • Employers use distance learning to train their employees without losing them to the classroom.
  • Your education goes where you go. Those who travel extensively in their jobs or move place to place, like military families, can pursue their courses wherever their lives take them.
  • One-on-one interaction with the instructor by phone or email helps individualize the instruction.
  • It's affordable. Distance education courses often cost less than traditional courses.
  • Educational institutions that offer strictly distance learning don't incur the costs of maintaining a campus, so these savings are passed on to the student.
  • Students save money by eliminating the commute to class.
  • Students don't have to give up their jobs or dramatically alter their personal schedules.
  • For many of today's money-conscious, time-strapped students, distance education offers the best opportunity for success.

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