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Tuition by Program

Tuitions by Program

U.S. Career Institute's Certificate and Degree programs teach you real-world career skills. Each course includes step-by-step lesson materials, as well as instructional aides to help you learn. Tuition costs cover all of the materials you need, including Electronic Lesson Books, flashcards, and in some programs, hands-on equipment or even software. The tuition for each course varies based on the materials included. U.S. Career Institute tuition ranges from just $585 for a Certificate in Child Day Care to $2,889 for Massage Therapy. Our low cost tuition can pay for itself when you are working in your career field. Which career will you invest in?

U.S. Career Institute  Tuition by Program

Certificate Program

Standard Tuition Cost*

Accounting Services $1,279
Bookkeeping $689
Certified Personal Fitness Trainer $989
Child Day Care Specialist $585
Computer Essentials $689
Criminal Justice $989
Dental Assisting $1,539
Electronic Medical Records Specialist $1,279
Healthcare Office Manager $1,279
Home Inspection $989
Insurance Claims Adjuster $1,279
Massage Therapy $2,889
Medical Assistant $1,539
Medical Billing Specialist $1,539
Medical Coding Specialist $1,539
Medical Coding and Billing Specialist $2,269
Medical Transcription $1,539
Office Administration $989
Paralegal $989
Patient Care Technician $1,279
Personal Care Assistant $585
Pharmacy Technician $1,279
Physical Therapy Aide $989
Sterile Processing Technician $1,279
Veterinary Assistant $689
Wedding and Event Planner $1,279

Degree Program

Standard Tuition Cost

Accounting $1,989 per semester
Business Management $1,989 per semester
Entrepreneurship $1,989 per semester
Health Information Technology $1,989 per semester
Human Resources $1,989 per semester
Medical Specialties $1,989 per semester
Social Work $1,989 per semester

*Plus one-time $29 application charge.


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