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Medical Specialties
Associate Degree

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Online Medical Specialties Associate Degree Tuition and Financing

If you want to become a medical assistant or have the option to work in 5 different medical careers, cost doesn't need to be a barrier: At U.S. Career Institute, we're committed to making your associate degree program affordable. Invest in your education at a DEAC accredited school and see the payoff when you begin or continue to advance your career in the healthcare field. Whether you choose to work as a lab technician in a medical laboratory or with those in administrative positions, medical assistants are always in demand. Our affordable tuition consists of $139 monthly payments and includes everything you will need to earn your medical specialties associate degree. You can also take advantage of a risk-free preview and our 100% money-back commitment.

Tuition and Charges for the First Semester

USCI Business Management Associate Degree

Payment Options per Semester:

USCI Business Management Associate Degree tuition

*Plus $40.00 shipping and handling charge.
**First payment includes $24 tuition and $40 shipping and handling and $75 Application Charge. Shipping and Application Charge non-refundable.

Our Medical Specialties program consists of four semesters. The total Medical Specialties program cost for all four semesters and fees is $8,191, which is $1,989 plus $40 for shipping per semester and a one-time application charge of $75.

What's Included in Your Medical Specialties Associate Degree Tuition?

  • Electronic or hard-copy textbooks*
  • Supplements
  • Instructor assistance
  • Career support for graduates

Learn from home and eliminate the cost of commuting to campus: Our low-cost medical specialties program allows you to study on your own schedule, allowing you to meet all of your different responsibilities. Take advantage of our low monthly tuition payment plan, and enjoy the security of our five-day money-back commitment. Learn more about financial options for your tuition to see how cost-effective it can be!

Online Medical Specialties Tuition and Financing

Affordable Hard-Copy Lesson Books

At U.S. Career Institute, we teach to a classroom of one and we know that no two students are alike. Therefore, hard-copy health and medical assistant lesson books are available for under $50. If you prefer hard copies of materials for your courses, you can easily order them online or by phone after enrolling in your associate program.

USCI Accounting Hard Copy Lesson Books

How Much Does Tuition for a Medical Specialties Associate Degree Cost from U.S. Career Institute?

Our low-cost associate degree for medical assistants starts at just $1,689 per semester when paid in full, which saves you $300 per semester. We offer two options for paying your medical specialties tuition cost. Our program is designed to give you the education you need to succeed in your new career without putting you in debt.

What Payment Options Does U.S. Career Institute Offer for Tuition?

When it's time to pay your medical specialties associate degree tuition, U.S. Career Institute offers two different options. The first option is to pay in full at $1,689 per semester. If you prefer to use monthly installments for your medical assistant school cost, however, you can make automatic payments of $139 a month.

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* Textbooks are included in your tuition and will be electronic or hard copy depending on the course. If you prefer hard copies of the textbooks that are delivered electronically, you can easily order them online or by phone after enrolling for under $50. We reserve the right to substitute items of equal or greater value when it becomes necessary.