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Reviews & Success Stories

U.S. Career Institute Reviews and Success Stories

Have a look at the Success Stories from some of our students as they share how U.S. Career Institute helped them achieve their goals. If you are a current student or have already graduated we would love to hear your story. 

Aniyah Greenwade

Meet Aniyah Greenwade, Medical Assistant graduate from U.S. Career Institute. Aniyah found U.S. Career Institute to be affordable and flexible which allowed her to work around her busy schedule. After completing the program Aniyah was able to pass the CCMA exam, offered by NHA and start a career in the medical field.

Deanna Auxer

Meet Deanna Auxer, Medical Coding and Billing student with U.S. Career Institute. Deanna decided to go back to school and focus on a career in the medical field that would enable her to work in an office environment. She found U.S. Career Institute to be affordable and liked the fact that she would learn two skills in one program.

"I am loving U.S. Career Institute! The self-paced study is perfect for my lifestyle, lessons are straight forward and affordability is on point! Thank you!"

Julia B.
U.S. Career Institute Student

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Zandreya Fleming

Meet Zandreya Fleming, Medical Assistant graduate from U.S. Career Institute. She is a Sergeant First Class Army on Active Duty and has served her country for almost 15 years. She obtained her BS degree in Health Sciences and then decided to enroll in U.S. Career Institute’s Medical Assistant program. By completing the program through an accredited online school, she will now be ready to sit for the certification exams (CCMA or CMAA) offered by NHA.

Tim Petri

Meet Tim Petri, Medical Coding and Billing graduate from U.S. Career Institute. Tim decided to go back to school to change careers. Tim found the curriculum of the program to be well rounded and the faculty at U.S. Career Institute to be very supportive. After completing the program Tim was able to start a new career in the healthcare field.

"Affordable and Authentic! They are motivating from the very beginning. Honest and upfront about my new career choice. I love that I can get the hard copies of the lesson as well as the e version. All in all, very impressed."

Diane G.
U.S. Career Institute Student

"I love the way you are teaching. It is truly a Great experience."

Susan P.
U.S. Career Institute Student

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