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Mission & Guiding Principles

Mission & Guiding Principles

Our goal is to give adults a fresh start with a new career.

Our Mission

U.S. Career Institute's mission is to offer affordable, quality distance education to our students. USCI's flexible, real-world career training is written especially for the distance learner. Our administration, faculty and staff are dedicated to supporting our students through exceptional service.

Institutional Goals for Students

U.S. Career Institute communicates institutional goals to students to help students understand U.S. Career Institute's broad objectives (outside of program/learning objectives) for the student during their enrollment.

  1. U.S. Career Institute will exceed our student's expectations.
  2. U.S. Career Institute will provide quality education written/presented specifically for the distance education learner.
  3. U.S. Career Institute's decisions and actions always consider the student.
  4. U.S. Career Institute has the resources to support the education it offers.
  5. U.S. Career Institute would be proud to have a friend or family member as a student.
  6. U.S. Career Institute will continuously seek to improve its education and support of students.

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