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Mission & Guiding Principles

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Mission & Guiding Principles

Our goal is to give adults a fresh start with a new career.

Our Mission

U.S. Career Institute's mission is to offer affordable, quality distance education to our students. USCI's flexible, real-world career training is written especially for the distance learner. Our administration, faculty and staff are dedicated to supporting our students through exceptional service.

Our Guiding Principles

Our Guiding Principles establishes a set of essential considerations that guide our school and employees in their daily work and decision making.

  1. The decision or action is fair to our students and our employees.
  2. We would be proud to have a friend or family member as one of our students.
  3. We will exceed our students' expectations.
  4. The decision or action keeps us focused on what we do best.
  5. We have the resources to support this decision and to continue to provide a quality education.
  6. We can research, test, verify and/or quantify our decisions.
  7. We will make financially sound decisions to keep our school healthy for the good of our students and employees.
  8. We can do it as well, if not better than, other schools.
  9. We take into consideration the effect on our employees for each decision we make.
  10. We Teach People to Change Their Lives.


Our History

We have been educating adults for new careers for over 35 years. So, how did we get where we are today?

The school was established in California in 1981 as Notereader Career Institute. The goal: to make education and a career attainable at home. By 1987, our name had changed to At-Home Professions, and we offered only a handful of course options.

We continued to grow and help more students reach their goals.

The 1990s saw our headquarters move to Colorado, a more centralized location where we could better serve our growing student body. Ann Rohr took over as president in 2003; and soon after, our school took a huge step forward and became accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC). In 2005, our name changed to U.S. Career Institute.

With excellent faculty and motivated students, we have added more courses and expanded others to become the school you know now.

Today, U.S. Career Institute has a rich history—over 35 years of providing excellence in education—as a foundation for students seeking valuable career skills. We offer 27 career certificates in areas from healthcare to business.

But most importantly, our focus remains on you, the student. We want to help you reach your goals of a better career, and a better future.

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