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Massage Therapy School
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Online Massage Therapy School

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Online Massage Therapy School

Online Massage Therapy School

Massage Therapy is one of the most flexible, rewarding careers available today. Demand for massage therapy is booming, Massage Therapists often have the option to work in a variety of exciting locations. Want to work in a spa? What about in an office, at a fitness center or on a cruise ship? Because massage therapy offers so many health benefits, many Massage Therapists have gone to work in wellness centers and hospitals. With training from our online massage therapy school, you can even work in your own home! Our program will give you the knowledge and tools to be successful no matter where you work.

Read about U.S. Career Institute graduate Tristann Reynolds, the CACCS Student of the Year in Massage Therapy!

Prepare for Massage Therapist Certification

Our Online Enhanced Massage Therapy certificate program will prepare you for the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Exam (MBLEx), administered by the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards (FSMTB).*

Upon graduating from U.S. Career Institute’s Enhanced Massage Therapy program, you will receive your U.S. Career Institute Certificate of Completion attesting to your accomplishment. Further, U.S. Career Institute's Enhanced Massage Therapy program will prepare you to take the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Exam (MBLEx), administered by the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards (FSMTB). Certification exams are administered by independent third parties. Depending on your state and local requirements, certification or licensure may be required to obtain work.

Your MBLEx exam fees are included in your tuition-up to a $265 value†.

Be Ready for Your Exam

Online Massage Therapy School

Why Choose Personal Massage Therapy?

Alternative health treatments are increasing in popularity now more than ever before! A national study published in the Journal of the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals Association reports that consumers receive over a million massages a year. That's why massage therapy is a billion-dollar industry.

Be part of the growing massage industry
Work for a company or be your own boss
Earn up to $20 per hour

Of all the forms of alternative health treatments, Massage Therapy is among the most popular. And healthcare is one of the largest growing industries in the U.S. today! The ever-increasing number of patients and clients from all walks of life who take advantage of the benefits of regular Massage Therapy is the reason that Professional Massage Therapists are in such great demand.

As a fully trained Professional Massage Therapist, you can work for spas, resorts, clinics, health clubs, pro sports teams, cruise lines or even start your own business providing massage therapy from your home.


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How to Become a Massage Therapist

Step 1:
Earn Your HS Diploma or Equivalent

Step 2:
Research and Verify all State and Local Requirements
A career in this field may require you to meet certain licensing, training, and other requirements that can vary by vocation and state. You should check with your state, local government and/or licensing board to find out which requirements may be applicable in your state.

Step 3:
Get Formal Training through an Accredited Institution
Formal training is often required as a part of a state or local requirements, and is typically available at the certificate or degree levels, with options that usually include some form of hands-on training. Courses typically cover topics like massage terminology, kinesiology, business laws and ethics, and various massage techniques.

Step 4:
Obtain Credentialing
Depending on your state and local requirements, additional certification may be required to obtain work. Certification shows you have the knowledge to perform well in a role as a Massage Therapist and have mastered nationally-recognized massage and bodywork standards. USCI’s Enhanced certificate program which includes Hands-on-Training in Colorado qualifies for the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Exam (MBLEx) through the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards (FSMTB).

Your MBLEx exam fees are included in your tuition-up to a $265 value†.

Step 5:
Start Working
Many Massage Therapists will start their own businesses, but all Massage Practitioners must have met all state and local requirements before practicing.

What You'll Learn During Your Online Massage Therapy Training

Our online Massage Therapy program is now available with Electronic or Hard Copy Lesson Books! Click here for more information.

  • Swedish Massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Energy Techniques
  • Hydrotherapy Techniques
  • Ethics and Communications
  • Anatomical Terms and Locations
  • Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • The Past, Present and Future of Massage Therapy

For the full Massage Therapy course outline, please visit our Course Outline page.

Massage Therapy Program That Fits Your Life

In as little as four months you can be ready to start making $20 per hour** as a Massage Therapist. And our self-paced online massage therapy school training means you can study at your own pace and have the power to determine your own goals. If you want to learn the basics of massage, you can complete the academic portion of the massage therapy course and receive a letter of Academic Achievement. If you enroll in the full enhanced course that includes both the Academic & Hands-On Training portions, our 200 hours of hands-on massage therapy training in Colorado will prepare you to sit for the national exam. You will receive your professional training by credentialed massage therapy instructors. As a graduate of the massage therapy clinical training, you will have the practical experience needed to meet your goals.

Online Massage Therapy Trainer

Massage Therapy Program Tuition and Financing

We strive to ensure our online Massage Therapy program is both flexible and affordable. This is why we offer low, monthly payment options for every student. We are committed to providing you with a high-quality education at an affordable price. Make an investment in yourself today!

For more information, please visit our Tuition and Financing page.

Join the thousands who have trained with U.S. Career Institute. Get started on your online massage therapy program today and be ready to work in as little as four months!

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*In 38 states, if you choose the enhanced version of the USCI program.
**With experience, all wage data is based on figures from the U.S Dept. of Labor's BLS website, professional associations and/or 3rd party resources website. Figures for this occupation were obtained at (June 4, 2019). For more information, click here.
***Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, Massage Therapists, on the internet at (October 3, 2019)

†Provided in form of reimbursement when the following terms are met: Student submits receipt issued by FSMTB, has successfully completed the program and has paid tuition in full. Reimbursement is for up to $265 towards the cost of the MBLEx exam.