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Online Computer Training Course

Computer Essentials Program Estimated Time of Completion

Program Goal:
To prepare students to be able to apply basic computer skills and adeptly use Microsoft Office® applications in a variety of employment settings.

Program Outcomes

Learn everything you need to know to use a computer like a pro with this basic online computer training course. Students will learn the inner workings of computers, word processing, spreadsheet and presentation skills, as well as email etiquette and managing computer files. You get everything you need to know in easy-to-understand lessons that take you step by step from the basics through advanced capabilities.

Michael Adams Instructor

Computer Essentials Program Instructor/Course Expert

Michael Adams, MBA, MSCIS

At U.S. Career Institute, our dedicated team of course experts, instructors and instructor assistants are committed to developing and delivering high-quality curriculum. Our qualified Computer Essentials instructor Michael Adams, not only possesses extensive qualifications but has also actively worked in the field. This firsthand experience allows her to provide invaluable support to ensure the success of our aspiring Computer Essentials students.

The coursework trains students to:

  • Implement computer theory and practical skills.
  • Understand the fundamentals of computer hardware and software.
  • Identify the basic components and functions of the Microsoft 10 operating system.
  • Perform word processing, spreadsheet, desktop publishing and presentation functions on a computer.
  • Understand how the internet and the World Wide Web work, conduct online research and evaluate sources of information.
  • Identify and mitigate potential security issues involving email usage, computers and natural disasters.
  • Learn the basic features of Microsoft Outlook and follow email etiquette rules in professional email communication.


Instruction Pack I: Introduction to Computers

Students learn about the importance of computers in society and business today, the many ways people use computers, the components of a computer and computer hardware and software. Students are introduced to Microsoft Windows Vista® or 8 and the Microsoft Office Suite®.

Instruction Pack II: Use Microsoft® Word and Excel®

Students learn the tools, keys and commands of Microsoft® Word, and then create documents in Microsoft® Word. Students then apply this knowledge to use Microsoft® Word to design and format documents. The instruction pack wraps up with an introduction to Microsoft Excel®.

Instruction Pack III: Put Excel® and PowerPoint® to Work

Students apply their Excel® basics and use it to manipulate data. Students then learn the basics of Microsoft PowerPoint®; they create slides and enter information into presentations. Students additionally apply their Microsoft PowerPoint® knowledge to create a presentation.

Instruction Pack IV: World Wide Web, Internet Research and Email

Students are introduced to the Internet and World Wide Web. Next, students learn strategies to use the Internet for research. Students then learn how to secure information and their computer. They also learn email basics, as well as email etiquette.

Instruction Pack V: Microsoft Outlook® and Practicum

Students begin this instruction pack with an introduction to Microsoft Outlook®. Once students learn to send, receive, open and close emails, they then learn to use Outlook® to organize files, manage contacts, create task lists and schedule appointments in Microsoft Outlook®. The course concludes with a “real-world” practicum where students apply their computer skills from the course.

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