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Career Pathway

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Online Career High School Diploma

USCI’s online career pathway high school diploma program is designed to give students the opportunity to explore in-demand career options, while working on their high school diploma. With our career path courses, if you decide to continue the pursuit of your chosen pathway after graduation, you can transfer those courses to the corresponding certificate or degree program!

Online Career High School Diploma

The career pathway programs we offer are careers that are in high demand, have great career opportunities, and are offered as certificate or degree programs through U.S. Career Institute. The programs are designed so the student can demonstrate fundamental skills to support continuing professional education and allow the student to explore skills for building a career and setting career path goals. Each online vocational program has a different set of skills that will be developed when students have completed the program.

USCI’s career pathway programs and vocational outcomes are highlighted below:

Healthcare Focus:

For the student who is interested in entering the healthcare sector after graduation, our healthcare career pathway covers the basics that anyone in the healthcare sector would need to know. Upon completion of this program a student should expect to be able to show a fundamental understanding of the human body and medical terminology. They will also be able to explain the legal and ethical standards related to patient confidentiality.

Online High School Healthcare Focus

USCI High School Veterinary Focus

Vet Focus:

Do you have a passion for animals? If yes, then a career in the veterinary field might be right for you! USCI offers a vet focus career pathway for those who want to help our furry friends. Students who finish our vet focus career pathway can expect to understand and use veterinary terminology while working with animals to communicate with veterinary technicians, veterinarians and clients! If you think a career in animal care is right for you, then the vet focus career pathway is perfect for you!

Business Focus

Students who are considering entering the business field should consider the business career pathway. There are always job opportunities in the business field and those who specialize in it will have a variety of job opportunities in a quickly growing industry. Students who complete the business career pathway program can expect to be able to use terminology often used in the business and accounting fields and will be able to explain business ethics and moral issues that affect business.

Online High School Business Focus

USCI High School Fitness Focus

Fitness Focus

Is fitness and wellness your passion? You could make that passion your career! With our fitness focus career pathway students will be able to learn the fundamentals of having a career in the fitness field. Students who complete the program can expect to be able to use anatomy, basic biomechanical principles, and terminology used in fitness nutrition. They will also be able to explain the role of carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, protein, minerals, and water in nutrition.

Paralegal Focus

A career in law can be extremely rewarding, but it isn’t for everyone. Our paralegal career pathway lets students explore the fundamentals of a career in law and can help them decide if they would like to pursue a career in law. Students who participate in this program can expect to be able to define legal processes, legal terms, and documents related to Criminal and Civil law and be able to explain moral ethics, issues, and laws affecting business.

Online High School Paralegal Focus

Our online career pathway high school diploma program can help you get real world job skills before you graduate! Exploring a career can help you decide if you would like to pursue it as a full time career after graduation or find another career that better fits your interest.

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Q. Is USCI Accredited?
A. Yes! USCI is accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission. The Distance Education Accrediting Commission is listed by the U.S. Department of Education as a recognized accrediting agency.
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Q. Can adults take the vocational high school program?
A. Absolutely, our online vocation high school is perfect for adults who want to get their high school diploma while exploring a career pathway. After completion of the high school program students can then move into a certificate or associate degree program of their choosing that can help them gain credentials in healthcare, veterinary science, business, fitness, or paralegal.
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Q. Can I use this program for a homeschool curriculum?
A. Any of our programs can be used as a homeschool curriculum. Our career pathways programs can be used to give your high schooler a head start towards the career of their choice.
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USCI does not guarantee the transferability of its credits to any other institution or acceptance of its diploma to meet college entrance requirements or requirements of potential employers. The acceptance of transfer academic credits and academic credentials to another institution is determined by the receiving institution. Courses in U.S. Career Institute’s high school program may or may not transfer to other institutions and depends solely on the receiving institution’s criteria and determination.