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Similarities Between High School and College

By: Katelyn Fahrenbruck Weston

It's only natural to be nervous when you're considering higher education after you get your high school diploma. It's a big step to finish something you've invested years of your life in and start on a new adventure, but there are a lot more similarities between high school and college than you may think. In fact, both in-person and online learning have plenty of similarities between high school and college-level lessons and activities.

High school and college similarities run deep in part because the two schooling systems have the same goal: to educate students on the world around them so that when they graduate, they will be able to be strong influences on the world. It's true that there are some major differences between the two, such as being able to pick your course of study and having more downtime between classes. However, for the most part, high school and college have more similarities than you'd think.

What Are the Similarities Between High School and College?

Some of the most prominent similarities between high school and college include:

  • While you may see media show off large lecture hall settings, many colleges also have classrooms filled with about 20 to 30 students, similar to high school classrooms.
  • You still have homework, in college and it needs to be completed on time. It may not be due the next day like homework was in high school; it may be due in a week or in a few days. But it's still required and part of your grade.
  • You also still have tests, essays, and quizzes just like you did in high school. It's not only midterms and finals; there are plenty of other big assignments that need to be done throughout the semester.
  • Depending on the college you choose, you may have professors who care as much about attendance as your high school teachers. This is especially true if you choose a smaller college where your professors know who you are and you aren't just a number.
  • The classes are similar in nature; you're being taught something by a professor or teacher who has studied this topic for years and is there to help you gain knowledge about the topic.
  • High schools and colleges both offer social events and clubs for students, so you'll be able to create friendships and make lasting bonds with the people you're studying with.
  • Both high school and college give you an education to help you succeed on the career path of your choice.

When you're thinking about high school vs. college, the similarities should help to put your mind at ease about making this transition. With so many schooling options available, from huge four-year universities to career-focused online associate degree programs, you're sure to find an educational path that suits your learning needs.