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Finishing High School Online

By: Jordin Frey

There are online high school options that work for both adults and teens. There's no age limit for earning your online diploma. Maybe you're an adult who dropped out years ago. Maybe you had to leave school to work or take care of family. Or maybe you are a traditional-age student who needs something different than the standard in-person classroom. Everyone has their own reasons. No matter what those reasons are, what matters the most now is that you are ready to earn your high school diploma online.

Going back to high school is a big decision. A high school diploma is important, but traditional high school is not always the answer. An online high school alternative could be just what you need to finish your education. Many online high school programs have flexible schedules so you can study when and where you have time. This means you can earn your high school diploma online even with your busy schedule.

Online high school education can open doors for you and could help you earn more. On average, workers with a high school diploma earn over $8,000 more per year* than those who have not finished high school. And on top of that, the unemployment rate for those with a high school diploma is 2.7% lower* than those who did not finish high school.

Explore Your Online High School Options

Alternative online learning programs are different than in-person classes. One great thing about online high school programs is their flexibility. You can enroll in a high school program that works around your job and family. Some online high schools let you choose your own schedule. Another great thing is that you go to school without even stepping foot into a school building.

Online high schools do not all work the same. Take the time to explore your options. You always have to finish a certain number of credits or classes. But schools do this in different ways. Some schools offer a basic high school education. Other high school online learning programs have “vocational” classes. This means they give students a chance to start learning about a job (also called vocation) or type of job. Vocational schools help students prepare for career success. If you graduate from a vocational high school, you will have a better idea of what type of job or career you want. Plus, you’ll have a head start if you decide on future career training or college.

Online Education: Learn on Your Own Time

High schools across the country require up to 26 credit hours to graduate. Required class credits for English, history, science, and math may be different from school to school. Online high school learning programs make it possible for you to complete required coursework on your own time and schedule. There are several benefits of an online high school. First, you have the chance to use your time as you need to. Next, if there are subjects you know well, you can test through them faster. If there are subjects that are a little more challenging for you, you can spend more time on them. Also, you can finish your online high school education, while still working, taking care of your family, and working on other goals.

Research shows that you're more likely to find better-paying jobs and more career opportunities if you've finished high school. Online options make earning your diploma easier than ever. There's no better time than now to enroll in an online high school program.

*Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, on the internet at, (visited July 29, 2021). Statements found at the United States Department of Labor are not a guarantee of any post-graduation salary, in part because the data used to create the Occupational Outlook Handbook includes workers from differing educational backgrounds, levels of experience, and geographic areas of the country.