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Going to College After High School

By: Katelyn Fahrenbruck Weston

Higher education puts students on the path to many different careers. College degrees can be earned in under two years or as many as ten years, depending on the degree type. They're a commitment to higher learning that can make students more competitive in the job market and qualify for careers that let them follow their dreams and build the life they imagined. For many people, going to college after high school is the best way to pursue their goals. and enroll in college classes at the same time.

The Importance of College After High School Graduation

Today, many employers require a two- or four-year degree before they'll consider job applicants for hire. A college degree shows a student's commitment to study, personal growth, and specialized knowledge. It makes them a more appealing job candidate than those who just have a high school diploma. While college certainly isn't for everyone, it can be beneficial to get a college degree.

College also offers important social opportunities. Students can make lifelong friends during their college experience and form invaluable connections with professors and alumni networks that can help them enter into their chosen field.

Should I Go to College After High School?

Many students wonder, "Why is it better to go to college after high school?" The answer to why college after high school is a good idea depends on a person's career goals. The first thing students should do in making this decision is to look at entry-level jobs in their field and what training and degrees are required. They should look at a variety of organizations and opportunities within the field and consult with a career counselor about their goals. The training and education asked for might answer the question right away: Many careers and jobs will require a college degree.

Students should also ask themselves whether they have any special interests or passions, if they feel like they'll struggle entering the workforce, and if they feel like they are or could be a good student. If the answer to these questions is yes, college is a great choice after high school. Options are now more flexible than ever, including traditional public and private universities, community colleges, and affordable online college degree programs that let you make your own schedule and get the skills you need for your career.

Why Is It Better to Go Straight to College After High School?

For many people, it's best to enter college right after high school because the material they'll build upon in their college education is still fresh in their minds. That's a major reason why college after high school is a good idea, but it's far from the only one.

For anyone with specific goals that require a college degree, anyone who enjoys studying, or anyone who isn't prepared to enter the workforce, college is a great next step after high school. And with a growing variety of educational options, college is more accessible now than it ever was and the right answer for a growing number of people.

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