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High School Credit Requirements:
Classes Required for Graduation

In order for students to receive their High School Diploma they are required to complete specific classes and credits. At USCI, you must complete 24 credits to graduate. The credits can be earned through taking classes with USCI and transfer credits from previous high school experience. You will have the option to choose from a general track or career pathway track. The main difference is that the career pathway will have you take electives that focus on the career pathway that interests you including healthcare, business, paralegal, fitness, or vet.

You may earn up to 18 eligible transfer credits from your previous high school and graduate with up to $432 in tuition savings. Submit your transcript within 75 days of your enrollment for evaluation.

Below is an outline of the required credits a student must have in order to graduate and receive their high school diploma from USCI.

USCI Credit Requirements

English 4 Credits
Math 3 Credits
Science 3 Credits
Social Science 3.5 Credits
Required Electives 2 Credits
Vocational Electives 4 Credits
More Electives 4.5 Credits
TOTAL 24 Credits

If you would like to know more about available electives, view our Curriculum page, or contact us today!

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USCI does not guarantee the transferability of its credits to any other institution or acceptance of its diploma to meet college entrance requirements or requirements of potential employers. The acceptance of transfer academic credits and academic credentials to another institution is determined by the receiving institution. Courses in U.S. Career Institute’s high school program may or may not transfer to other institutions and depends solely on the receiving institution’s criteria and determination.