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Educational Resources and Online Learning Tools

There are a lot of educational resources and online learning tools available on the internet, but it can be challenging to find resources that are credible and easy to navigate. U.S. Career Institute is dedicated to creating an educational resource and online learning tool library that contains a variety of resources, tools, and information that can help you and your family through their learning journey. From basic computer skill resources to information about graduation rates, you can find a variety of tools in our educational resource library!

Remote work was far from the norm before 2020 and now, thanks to the pandemic pushing millions of people to figure out how to work from home, it’s much more common. Hybrid work has grown in popularity as workers... Read More

As a whole, the world has a very high literacy rate, but the literacy rate in countries around the world varies greatly. While the global average literacy rate overall is 86.81%, some countries... Read More

Health-care industry trends have been profoundly influenced by factors such as the pandemic, a shift in lifestyle choices, and an aging population. How did the pandemic impact healthcare workers?... Read More

Which industries will grow the most over the course of the next decade, and which... Read More

Taking care of your body and mind can help you long term as you navigate your career... Read More

As more and more organizations move towards being more green, the more green career opportunities become available... Read More

The age of artificial intelligence and automated robots is here, and with it comes many advancements... Read More

Social work is a rewarding, but demanding career, self-care is essential... Read More

Graphic design is a great creative outlet for kids... Read More

Make sure you are ready for all things SAT with our Glossary guide... Read More

Applying to college can seem like a lot, this guide is here to help... Read More

Poor money management skills can have a disastrous impact on one's life... Read More

The word "college" evokes images of libraries, classrooms, study halls, and dormitories... Read More

When you're in high school, there are a lot of demands on your time and attention, and... Read More

For lots of students, college looms over their high school experience. Parents and... Read More

By high school, almost everyone has had some experience with bullying either... Read More

Bullying looks different at different ages and also takes on many... Read More

Symptoms of ADHD such as distractibility, poor time management and... Read More

Is a degree worth it? Is it worth it to go to college?... Read More

When people make the decision to move, there are many factors... Read More

Geology is the study of rocks and minerals. The job of a geologist is to study... Read More

For many people, high school graduation is an exciting achievement that... Read More

Science isn't just a subject we have to study in school... Read More

Globally the online education market will reach $350 billion by 2025... Read More

With student loan debt climbing, many people are beginning to look for... Read More

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