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Online Learning: Interactive Medical Games

Written by: Holly Cook

Have you dreamed of becoming a nurse, doctor, or medical professional? These interactive games may not be the real deal, but they can encourage you to pursue your future career. Working in the healthcare sector is about knowledge and understanding how your body works. These games impart valuable information about disease prevention and best practices to promote healthy living. Even younger children can imagine what it would be like to run an emergency room or understand what's making a patient sick.

Interactive games can supplement elementary or high school Biology courses. Students who learn faster through immersive experiences can use the knowledge gleaned from the games and apply it to the theoretical aspects of their courses. A strong start in STEM courses can prepare students to earn an associate's degree in an essential worker position in the field of healthcare or spur students on to medical school after they graduate from college. This list has games for children of all ages. Many of the games are sponsored by universities or by federal agencies to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Anatomy Arcade: Learn about basic human anatomical systems through a variety of enjoyable puzzle and matching games.

An Interactive Skeleton Database: Compare human and animal skeletons and look up their taxonomic classification.

Build the Human Body: Drag the organs to the correct places to complete a digital model of the human body.

Teach Yourself About Human Body Systems: Listen to the short lectures, then take the appropriate quiz to test your knowledge of human physiology.

Stop a Viral Outbreak: See how fast you can stop a virus from spreading with this interactive game from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Take Care of Nails: Even your nails can get infected. Deduce the infection with this interesting game.

Skeletons for Kids: Elementary school students can memorize the bones in the skeletal system with this simple game.

Make Your Own Neuron: Delve into the unique structure of nerve cells.

Which Factors Contribute to an Overdose? Be a detective and explore the environmental and health factors that lead to a drug overdose.

Distinguish Between Healthy Snacks and Junk Food: Visit the Snack Shack in the FDA's imaginary world of Whyville to learn how to make healthy food choices.

Could the Wrong Blood Type Kill You? This award-winning Swedish game teaches students about different blood types and their compatibility with one another.

Discover the Cure: Use RNA to create an antiviral medication.

Explore the Doctor's Office: Get young children ready for their first trip to the doctor's office with Doctor Daniel, the friendly tiger.

Educational Cell Structure Game: Uncover the inner workings of a cell.

Save Citizens from an Epidemic: Only you can halt the epidemic and save the city.

Diagnose an Aching Foot: There are many underlying causes for foot pain. Determine the correct ailment and cure the patient.

Sickle Cell Tracking: Investigate the DNA trail to find out which family members are at risk for developing sickle cell disease.

COVID-19 Treatment: Choose from five potential COVID-19 cases and develop the best treatment plan.

Be the Doctor: Treat patients and see if you can handle a doctor's busy workload.

Perform Wacky Surgeries: Deal with the weird cases that come into the emergency room and perform surgical operations.

Do You Know Which Bacteria Lives on Your Food? Learn the importance of handling food with clean hands and avoiding undercooked meats.

Skin Cancer Awareness Game: Dive into the inner workings of skin cells as you learn how to prevent skin cancer.

Why Does Your Body Need Water? Play this basic true/false game to learn which body parts need water to function.

Staying Healthy: Learn how to avoid infection during cold and flu season.

Run Your Own Hospital: Manage the Kapi Hospital as its chief physician. Treat patients and handle the caseload.

Clinic Physician: This game is a series of clinical tasks to teach you time management.

Central Hospital Stories: Live through the experience of 35 unique characters in this fun hospital game.

Follow Your Heart: Learn how blood flows through your heart and uncover an image when you answer the quiz questions right.

Online Learning: Interactive Medical Games

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