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Transfer Credit

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USCI Online High School Transfer Credit Policy

Transfer credit allows you to gain credit for previous high school work or work experience. At USCI Online High School it is our goal to get you a High School Diploma as quickly as possible. We accept up to 75% of previous high school work as transfer credit. Each full credit (1.0) is worth $24 (or $12 per 0.5 credit). The maximum financial credit a student will receive is 25% off tuition- up to $432 off your tuition balance.

You must submit previous high school transcripts to USCI within 75 days of enrollment to receive credit.

Need help getting your High School Transcript?

Getting your transcript is easy! All you have to do is tell us you want us to contact your school for you. Simply email or call us at or 1-800-347-7899 ext. 3682

And get started right away on your first class- No need to wait for your transcript!

Or if you prefer you can reach out to request your high school transcript/s directly from the school/s you attended, please call each school to see how they would like you to request a transcript – online, mail, email or fax. Also check to see what the fee is for your transcript. Some schools will have an online transcript service that is quick and easy. Some may need a written request. If you need to submit written request, you can find the transcript request form at the back of our High School Catalog.

Work Experience Credit

USCI recognizes the importance of skills learned in the workplace. Often times these skills complement the USCI career pathway a student has chosen, a different career, or may even be skills that are necessary for success in many different jobs. These learned skills are of value, and in many cases can result in transfer credit into USCI. You can earn up to 1 elective credit for approved work experience. You can find the form to complete for work credit at the back of the USCI High School Catalog.

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USCI does not guarantee the transferability of its credits to any other institution or acceptance of its diploma to meet college entrance requirements or requirements of potential employers. The acceptance of transfer academic credits and academic credentials to another institution is determined by the receiving institution. Courses in U.S. Career Institute’s high school program may or may not transfer to other institutions and depends solely on the receiving institution’s criteria and determination.