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Resources for Supporting Healthy Minds, Bodies and More

By: Jordin Frey

Everything in life has to be learned. Babies have to learn how to talk, put on their shoes, and drink from a cup. Even as adults, we continue to learn and grow. One of the most common things to learn and practice as an adult is adapting healthy habits. These habits include exercise, eating well, learning how to have good relationships, and how to manage our own emotions. No matter your current health status, there are steps you can take to maintain and improve physical and mental health.

Physical Activity and Active Play

Kids love to play! However, busy schedules and lack of outdoor playspaces mean some kids really struggle to get enough active play on a daily basis. Exercise and movement are vital parts of physical health, but also an important part of being mentally healthy!

Nutrition and Health Education

Eating well is important for everyone. A good diet helps people maintain consistent energy levels, have stable moods, and grow strong bodies. It's important that kids learn how to make good food choices, but it's just as important that they develop a healthy relationship with food and eating!

Social Emotional Learning and Discovery

Ever seen a little kid throw a big fit? This happens because kids experience big emotions but don't always know how to manage them or how to calm themselves when they become upset. Sometimes people become adults without ever learning these skills. Learning how to regulate an emotional state helps everyone develop better relationships with family, friends, and other people in their lives.

Adapted Physical Education

Kids with physical or mental challenges still need to learn how to incorporate movement and exercise into their lives. Luckily, there are many ways that standard kid activities can be adapted so that kids with various levels of physical, mental, and behavioral health can participate in classic games like volleyball!

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