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Student Life

Resources for Healthy Mind and Body

Supporting a Healthy Mind & Body

Taking care of your mind and body are important skills, and like all skills, it must be developed and practice. These resources can help you get on the right track.

High School Bullying Guide

High School Bullying Guide

Bullying looks different at different ages and also takes on many different forms. Some bullying involves physical violence; this is very common among young children.

The School Counselors Role in Bully Prevention

The School Counselor's Role in Bully Prevention

By high school, almost everyone has had some experience with bullying either as a victim, a bystander, or as a bully.


A Student's Guide to Managing ADHD at School

Symptoms of ADHD such as distractibility, poor time management and disorganization can make working in the classroom, homework and assessments challenging.


Set Your Child Up for At-Home Learning

Are your kids attending an online school? Online learning can be great for children, but ensuring they are set up for success is crucial. Discover how you can help your child be successful in an online school.


10 Study Snacks to Satisfy Your Cravings

Studying on an empty stomach is tough! It's important to fuel our bodies with nutrients that will support learning and keep our energy up.


Whatever your goal may be having a friend or a classmate as an accountability partner can help keep you committed and achieve your goal. Learn how accountability partners can help you reach your goals!


Learning Tips for Visual Learners

Did you know there are different learning types? Once you understand your learning style you will be able to study better! We have put together some tips for visual learners to help you succeed in your studies.


Prepare for in Classroom Back to School

In person learning is back, is your family ready? Gong back to in-person learning may seem scary, so we’ve put together a guide to help you get your family ready to go back to school! Check it out now!


An important factor to succeeding in school is creating a good study area where you can focus and get your work completed. We’ve compiled a list of the 7 essential components of a top-notch study area.


Digital Tools to Set Up Productivity?

Are you looking for ways to be more productive? There are many tools online that can help you stay focused and be productive, we’ve found 7 great tools you can try out now!


A New Skill

Interested in learning a new skill? Developing new skills can be exciting and there are an endless amount of skills you can learn and develop, some can even open opportunities for new careers!


Staying Focused as an Online Student

Online school has a lot of benefits, but for some, it can be hard to stay focused to their studies. The internet has a world of distractions, so finding ways to stay focused is critical to student success.


Getting Back on Track

Life happens and if your studies have been derailed, it’s nothing to be embarrassed or stressed about. Getting back on track is always an option and its not too late to finish your online programs!


Should I Return to School

Are you debating if you should go back to school in person or explore online education options? Explore these differences between in-person or online school before making your decision.

How I Juggle School as a Single Mom

Being a single parent comes with many trials and tribulations. Going to school can help better you and your family's life, but may seem daunting to juggle being a single mom and going to school, but it is possible!


Searching for an Internship

To land the job of your dreams you’ll likely need first to land an internship. Internships give you applicable experience and show your future employer that you have the necessary experience for the job.


Study Tips

Like most things, studying takes practice. If you have a set way that you study everytime then it will be easier for you to stay focused and also help with information retention! Check out these study tips!


6 Study Techniques Shared from a Student

Students develop better study habits when they devote more time to learning. When they spend more time studying, they can practice and hone certain skills. They discover what works best for them.

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