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Study Tips!

This is perfect for the New Year, maybe you could discover some new ideas for your studying with this new post! I’m one of those people that I have to have everything for my studies organized or I feel very overwhelmed and confused.  (Please tell me I’m not the only one who feels this way!) In this week’s blog I will share with you a few ways I personally stay on top of my studies and some other ways that may work for you if you’re ever in a slump with your school work and need some help. These ideas are perfect for a variety of things related to your studies, from prepping for an exam or quiz to simple help with terminology. Please comment to share any ideas I have missed that work for you!

Here is the list of different study tips I use for my Paralegal course that have helped so much because with Paralegal (and I’m sure with other courses) we have a lot of terminology to stay on top of:

  • Flash cards! This one is a classic to helping with vocabulary or phrases that are important for your courses. I’ve been using this one since back in elementary school!
  • Sticky tabs- This is just what I call them. They are sold in the post it note section and they are little stickies you can put on books to mark certain things from that page. I love these things! I know having a lot of books for your studies can be overwhelming, and sometimes it’s nice to have a tab just sticking right out of the page if you need to reference back rather quickly.
  • Notebooks- Of course these are good for note taking however what I do is I have a separate notebook for different topics so to speak. I have one for “Legal Terms” and I have another for “Civil & Criminal Law” and another notebook for “Family and Financial Law.” That covers my notebooks so far. This just helps again to be able to reference back and they all be sorted by their own topics.
  • Highlighters- Another lifesaver for me! I’m sure everyone understands the purpose of these goodies – “Highlight the important stuff” as my 8 year old says.
  • Write don’t type- For me, although don’t get me wrong I love my iPad and computer and there are a ton of different apps for helping you keep track of notes electronically, but I absorb so much more information when I use the good old pen and paper.

Here are some other things I have also heard work for others that you could try out to see if they will work for you as well:

  • Using binders or labeled folders
  • Group study or referring to a mentor to assist you
  • Having a quiet study spot in your home or even at the library
  • Refer to extra resources. For many studies there’s other books you can reference for extra knowledge of what you’re reviewing.
  • Don’t hesitate to re-read even if you feel as though you are wasting time or back tracking
  • Use a calendar and each week have a goal which assignments, quizzes or sections you want to complete and be sure it’s visible all the time!

Please comment with your study tips! And thanks so much for reading my blog!

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