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Study Tips for Online School

Updated: 1/26/2023

By: Jordin Landen

Online school has many benefits, but it can often be challenging to create healthy study habits when you study in the same space that you attend class. Taking online courses or attending online high school it is important to dedicate time to studying. It could be beneficial to set up a different area to study in than where you take your course. Another study habit that can help is breaking up your studying into small time blocks, that way it is easier to stay focused and motivated while you are studying. Beyond that, review our list of study tools and tips to help you maximize your study time and ace your next test!

4 Great Study Tools:

  • Flashcards- Note cards work great for flashcards! This tool is great for vocabulary or phrases that are important for your courses. Using flashcards is a great way to create great recall for vocabulary and phrases you need to know. This is especially useful if you are taking a course that uses industry-specific vocabulary, like phlebotomy or medical billing.
  • Sticky Tabs or Post-It-Notes- While reading your textbook, keep sticky tabs or post-it notes near you so that you can mark important passages and information. This way, when you go back to study you can quickly jump back to exactly where you need to be. This can save you time and make it easier to reference information when you need to.
  • Notebooks- A notebook is essential for taking notes while working through your course. When you go back to study you can add to your notes as you gain a better understanding of the subject matter. There are many note-taking methods that could help you while taking the course. Finding the method that works best for you will help you when you go back to study what you have learned.
  • Highlighters- Similar to sticky tabs, highlighters can help you find important information quickly. Highlighters can be a great tool, but beware, many people find themselves highlighting more than they need to. When using this study tool, make sure you are only highlighting the MOST important stuff!

5 Study Tips:

  • Write Don’t Type- When you write your notes, you are able to take a little more time to think about what you are writing down. This could be a useful tool if you find yourself taking way more notes than you need to or if you are struggling with recall.
  • Find A Study Group- Studying with classmates or other people taking the same course as you is a great way to gain an understanding of the subject matter. A study group also acts as an accountability partner!
  • Have a Quiet Study Spot- We touched on this earlier, but having a quiet, distraction-free study area will help you stay focused and accomplish the goals that you have set for the study session. Review our tips for a top-notch study area blog for some ideas!
  • Refer to Extra Resources-Finding additional resources on the study material can help you understand the subject in a deeper way. It can also help you gain more information that could give you a more complete picture of the subject topic.
  • Plan Your Study Sessions-Schedule your study sessions. Scheduling your sessions can help you be intentional in your studies as well as keep you accountable for studying!

While these tips will likely help you on your online program journey, studying and learning are different for every individual. Test out different varieties of all these study tips and tools to find which combination works best for you.

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