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7 Essential Components of a Top-Notch Study Area

By: U.S. Career Institute


  1. Make it tidy, you won't be tempted to stop studying and clean up if you commit to keeping the space organized. After each study session, take a couple minutes to return everything to its designated place and throw away any trash! On a related note, make sure you have everything you need to study before you sit down and get to work. Nothing can kill your motivation like getting up to grab something and then getting distracted!

  2. Block out distractions. You’ve heard this time and time again, but it will always ring true! Silence your phone. Log out of your email and Facebook accounts. Let the rest of your family know you’re in the study zone. Minimize every possible distraction you can think of so you can focus solely on your schoolwork!

  3. Prepare something to drink and a healthy snack before you start studying. This way you won’t need to stop your thought process and study flow to get up and fix yourself something. Have it all ready right there at your desk!

  4. Set up your study calendarand put it in a highly visible space. One of the best ways to stick to your goals is to schedule out your month. Include which lessons you will complete every day and when you will take your quizzes. You're bound to get off track sometimes, but don't let that deter you. Catch up then stick to your schedule!

  5. Study where you have natural light exposure or add a few plants. These natural elements can keep you content and motivated in your space. You’ll be more likely to stay productive while studying and be willing to put in those extra hours when need be! Plus, it’s just more enjoyable to spend your time in a light, bright area versus dark and dingy.

  6. Invest in comfortable seating. You're going to be spending a whole lot of time in your study area, so pick out a comfortable and ergonomic chair. The last thing you want is to do your body damage by sitting long hours in an uncomfortable and potentially harmful seat. Don’t forget to stand up and stretch it out from time to time, too! We recommend getting up and walking around while working on terminology or using a set of flash cards.

  7. Display your inspiration. Consider creating an inspiration board and hanging it up near your study area. Include your favorite inspirational quotes or photos related to your future career. You can even add the colors you find most motivating (we recommend blue and green!) or images of your goals – think photos of where you’d like to go on vacation one day or your dream house. Having your inspiration and motivation front and center while you’re studying is a great way to stay on track with your goals!

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