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Set Your Child Up for At-Home Online Learning Success

By: U.S. Career Institute

Virtual or online learning can be a big change for a lot of families, the changes can seem especially big for children. From learning how to stay focused to adjusting to not being around peers, there are a lot of things kids have to overcome to focus on their lessons.

Parents are also having to make adjustments, whether it is arranging for someone to be at home with their kids, to having to work from home, the entire family truly feels the stress the change to virtual learning can cause.

Although the initial transition can be daunting or stressful, virtual learning does have its benefits and with these five tips for parents to support their kids, you can see how virtual learning can work for your family!

Set Your Child Up for At-Home Online Learning Success

Create a Schedule

Structure and routine are essential to keeping up with assignments. Plan the best times for learning and instruction, study breaks, and physical activity based on your family’s unique needs.

Establish a Space

Create a designated learning area that’s free of clutter. It should be quiet, well-lit, and comfortable for doing schoolwork.

Reach Out

Contact your school/class community to discuss ideas on how your child can connect socially with classmates–virtually or in person, while maintaining physical distance.

Ask Your School

Ask your school what steps they are taking to support interactive learning–such as supplying electronic devices like a laptop or tablet if needed, offering opportunities for teacher/student check-ins and peer-to-peer learning, and providing support to foster social-emotional wellbeing for students.

Be a Role Model

Lead by example in practicing self-care: take breaks, exercise, eat well, stay socially connected.

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