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Online Distance Learning: Business Entrepreneurship Basics for Kids

Written by: Holly Cook

When you want to make something out of yourself and earn money, you should think seriously about starting your own business. You don't have to be an adult to begin a business, and you might be surprised at how successful you can be. Think about your interests and skills, and you might have a head-start toward a business that you could build around something you already like to do. Thinking like an entrepreneur can be a great way to be successful in life, and you might go on to earn college degrees and certificates in your areas of interest.

Making Spending Decisions (PDF)

This lesson plan guides you through the things you need to think about as you make decisions about how to spend your money.

Cash Calculator

Use this cash calculator to figure out how much money you would need to save, spend, invest, and give based on the amount of money you get in a week and the amount of money you want to have in a year.

15 Ways to Teach Kids About Money

Try using a clear jar to save coins and dollars at home so you can see the money as is begins to add up.

7 Lessons to Teach Your Kids for Financial Literacy Month

A big lesson to learn about managing money is how to tell the difference between things you need and things you want.

Financial Literacy for Kids

Opening a savings account can be a great way for you to start working on saving money and setting goals for how you want to use your money.

Financial Literacy: Guide for Kids

Having basic math skills helps you manage your money, so you need to be able to add, subtract, multiply, and divide as you watch your spending and saving habits.

Financial Literacy for Kids

You can save your money, spend it, or give it away. The way you manage your money should result in you having money left over after you take care of the expenses you need to buy.

Business Plan Example

A business plan is the guide you'll use to plan out the goals of a company, the people you plan to sell to, and how you'll get people to buy your product or service.

How to Create a Business Plan for Kids

Your business plan outlines your idea for your business, which may be necessary if you need financial help to get your business going.

Be Inspired With This Kid's Business Plan

Keep your business plan simple so you can plan your approach and get the help you need.

Business Ideas for Kids Series: Writing a Business Plan

If you have an idea for a new business, you'll need to get organized with how you think your idea will generate an income and the money you might need to get started.

50 Ways to Make Money as a Kid

Kids have lots of options for making money, including walking dogs, having a lemonade stand, and having a bake sale.

52 Easy Ways for Kids to Make Money Fast

You could babysit neighborhood kids or have a garage sale if you want to make money.

53 Easy Ways for Kids to Make Money Fast

Doing yard work or house-sitting while neighbors go on vacation are two ways that kids can earn money.

How to Make Money as a Kid

Running errands, helping other kids with homework, and washing cars are a few ideas for how kids can make money.

101 Things Your Kids Can Do to Make Money

If you know how to knit, make jewelry, or make gift baskets, you can make items to sell to make money.

Best Ways for Kids to Make Money

Try collecting aluminum cans to recycle them for cash if you're looking for a way to make extra money.

How to Make Money as a Kid At Home: Best Ways to Earn Money as a Kid

Washing cars or detailing cars can be a good way to make money if you're willing to work hard and take care of all the small details of cleaning cars.

How to Make Money as a Kid: 6 to 16 Years Old

You might not be able to make a full-time wage like your parents do, but you can still make money doing yard work or selling items you don't need anymore.

Jobs Kids Can Do to Earn Money

Perhaps you could help your neighbors put up holiday decorations or take them down to earn money.

How to Make Money as a Kid

Rake leaves, shovel snow, pull weeds, or water gardens to make money around your neighborhood.

These Nine Organizations Are Turning Kids into Entrepreneurs

Learning how to think like an entrepreneur will help you get ideas for ways you can earn money, both now and when you are an adult.

Why Kids Should Be Taught Entrepreneurship Early On

Entrepreneurs who have creative ideas for making money are an important part of the economy.

12 Adorable Kid Entrepreneurs We Could All Learn a Lesson From

See what these kid entrepreneurs have done to make money, and maybe you can use their ideas to start your own business.

Kids Can Be Entrepreneurs, Too!

You don't have to be an adult with a college degree to be an entrepreneur. Maybe you could start a business to make some money, and you could even continue it after you're an adult.

Teaching School Kids to be Entrepreneurs

School kids may not have attended a career institute yet, but they often have amazing ideas for ways to make money.

Entrepreneurship Projects for Students

Learning entrepreneurial skills while you're a kid helps you learn important things like how to organize and operate a business.

How to Teach Entrepreneurship to Your Kids

Learning about entrepreneurship helps you gain confidence, think creatively, and persevere to reach your goals.

Teaching Children Entrepreneurship

When you think like an entrepreneur, you know how to set short and long-term goals, you ask important questions, and you think creatively.

Companies Founded by Amazing Young Entrepreneurs

Read about some companies that were started by kids so you can get ideas about businesses you might start, too.

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