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Bookkeeping School
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Bookkeeping Specialist Tuition

At U.S. Career Institute, we work hard to make your education affordable. You can start your new career without a mountain of debt.

Bookkeeping Services Tuition:

USCI Bookkeeping
USCI Bookkeeping tuition

*Plus one-time $29 application charge.
**First payment includes $30 down payment and $29 application charge. Application charge is non-refundable.

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Your tuition includes:

  • Electronic Bookkeeping Lesson Books
  • Supplements
  • Instructor assistance
  • Career support for Bookkeeping graduates

Hard Copy Bookkeeping Lesson Books
Here at U.S. Career Institute, we teach to a classroom of one and we know that no two students are alike. Therefore, hard copy Bookkeeping lesson books are available for under $50. If you prefer hard copies of your Bookkeeping materials, you can easily order them online or by phone after enrolling.

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