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Returning to Post-Secondary School

By Mariama - USCI Alumni

After you’ve completed eight-teen years of school (provided you went to daycare as a baby) the next phase is higher education. For most, this means college, but it also can include trade schools or graduate school and institutions. Returning to school there will be many rewards during and after. These may consist of learning new information, practice being in your field of study, or even tangible awards. Still, like with anything in life, there might be challenges along the road. You may find that there’s little time to study, you don’t have the finances to pay for higher education. Or you could worry that you wouldn’t be a confident student. These are just some of the thing that could come up when returning to post-secondary school. However, when I made the decision to return it was for a reason that I felt would last a life time which was “I’d have a career.” It really can be that simple of a choice.

Returning to School

When you go back of course you want to learn so you’ll encounter new information. This means carrying text books, notebooks and the whole nine once again. Taking detailed notes or highlighting an excerpt from the text in a study book would seem normal again. If you’re a distance learner like me you will have all the tools you need to learn. From online book stores to the material being present on any device, you can learn just about anywhere. Along with processing new information, comes retention markers I call them, or tests. These little case studies are to assess your previous, current and relevant knowledge. If you’re having trouble understanding some difficult information your instructor is always there to help. All of these help one to learn! Some colleges or universities have internships which give hands on experience in certain professions that the person is studying. Some classes include labs which allow you to experiment or have experience with something subject related. There are often chances to volunteer in your field of study and perform with your school of choice. You may receive awards such as scholarships, certificates or monies in the event you accomplish something award worthy.

Along with the positives sometime come the negatives. You may face certain difficulties comprised of finding little time to study. Before you enroll you have to plan ahead. Maybe you don’t have the finances to pay for courses and that could completely stop your plans for returning. Exhaust any and every resource you know that can offer financial help. You may lack the confidence to even return but so did I and I’m doing just fine. All of the problems you face may seem like no solution will do them justice but if you search in the right places, I guarantee they do.

In summation, I presume you already know why you want to return to school, you have a plan, and that you’re ready to face any problem that comes your way.

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