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Online Insurance Claims Adjuster Course

Insurance Claims Adjuster Estimated Time of Completion

Estimated Length of program:
4-6 months, self-paced

Insurance Claims Adjuster Program Estimated Time of Completion

Program Goal:
To prepare students to obtain an entry-level insurance claims adjuster position.

Program Outcomes

Learn everything you need to know to start a new career as an Insurance Claims Adjuster. Gain an understanding of various branches of the insurance industry, automotive, home, worker's compensation, health, and life, plus develop interpersonal skills, written communications, and practical claims adjustment skills.

Chris Kolopanis Instructor

Insurance Claims Adjuster Program Instructor/Course Expert

Chris Kolopanis, BA Philosophy

At U.S. Career Institute, our dedicated team of course experts, instructors and instructor assistants are committed to developing and delivering high-quality curriculum. Our qualified Insurance Claims Adjuster instructor Chris Kolopanis, not only possesses extensive qualifications but has also actively worked in the field. This firsthand experience allows her to provide invaluable support to ensure the success of our aspiring Insurance Claims Adjuster students.

The coursework trains students to:

  • Apply theoretical instruction and practical skills that enable them to obtain entry-level, insurance claims adjuster positions.
  • Explain different types and policies of insurance: accident and health, life, property, liability, catastrophe, and automobile.
  • Apply communication and negotiation skills to the steps in the claims adjustment process and use proper protocol to contact policyholders and conduct investigations, as well as interview witnesses.
  • Relate knowledge of legal and ethical issues to claims adjustment.
  • Apply math and computer skills to verify bills and estimates, as well as negotiate and calculate settlements.
  • Write concise reports as claims adjusters.
Online Insurance Claims Adjuster school training outcomes


Instruction Pack I: Introduction to Claims Adjusting

Instruction Pack I introduces students to careers in the field of insurance claims adjustment. Students learn the basics of insurance, including concepts and terminology. They also study the importance of strong interpersonal skills as they pertain to this career. After all, insurance claims adjusters must be able to calm clients, interview witnesses and negotiate settlements. Therefore, this instruction pack enables students to obtain a firm foundation of the claims adjustment process. Finally, students get their first taste of specific insurance types as they take an in-depth look at health and accident insurance.

Instruction Pack II: Life and Automobile Insurance and Math and Written Communication Skills

Instruction Pack II begins with detailed information about life and auto insurance. Students study terminology, polices, types and specific situations. Next, students learn why strong math and written communication skills are a must-have for any claims adjuster. They apply information about percentages, decimals, and fractions to typical claims situations—such as calculating settlements. In addition, students review parts of speech, spelling and grammatical rules and proper sentence and paragraph structure and use these skills to write effective claims-adjuster reports.

Instruction Pack III: Property, Liability and Catastrophe Insurance, Workers’ Compensation and Legal and Ethical Issues

Instruction Pack III teaches students the basics of both residential and commercial property insurance. Students also study different types of liability insurance, as well as types of catastrophe insurance, which include protection against damages from earthquakes, fires, floods, and tornados. In addition, students discover how to analyze and estimate workers’ compensation claims. Finally, they assess some of the common legal and ethical issues that insurance claims adjusters encounter.

Instruction Pack IV: Safety Precautions, the Financial Side of Claims Adjusting and Tools of the Trade

Instruction Pack IV explains basic safety precautions and procedures that claims adjusters use––from ladder safety to hazardous materials safety. Then, students apply the math skills gained previously in this course to verify bills and estimates, as well as negotiate and calculate settlements. This pack also introduces students to tools of the claims-adjuster trade, such as cameras, cell phones, computers, calculators, measuring devices, transportation and much more.

Instruction Pack V: Computer Skills, Application of the Claims Adjustment Process and Practicum

Instruction Pack V provides students with the computer skills necessary to work in the field. Students work with Microsoft® Word and Excel® and their many helpful features. Then, students combine their knowledge of the claims adjustment process with what they learned about accident, health, life, automobile, property, liability, and catastrophe insurance. Students study real-life claims and walk through each scenario, as well as try their hands at similar scenarios. This pack concludes with a real-world practicum that allows students to apply everything they’ve learned about claims adjustment throughout the course.

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