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Online Event Planner School

Wedding and Event Estimated Time of Completion

Estimated Length of program:
4-12 months, self-paced

Wedding and Event Program Estimated Time of Completion

Program Goal:
To prepare students to work in the wedding and event planning profession.

Program Outcomes

The Wedding and Event Planner Course trains students to advise clients regarding all aspects of wedding and event planning. They discover how to coordinate all details, including budgeting and organizing vendors and services. They also learn how to plan corporate, community and fundraising events. Students study the etiquette and legal considerations involved in wedding and event planning, how to work with clients and strategies to run a successful home business.

The coursework trains students to:

  • Apply theory and practical skills to obtain work in the wedding and event consulting profession.
  • Plan weddings and events from start to finish.
  • Integrate etiquette and legal considerations involved in wedding and event planning.
  • Effectively communicate with clients.
  • Set up and maintain a successful home-based wedding and event planning business.
Online Wedding and Event school training outcomes


Instruction Pack I: Wedding and Event Planning

Students gain an overview of the wedding and event planning profession, learning the importance of what wedding and event planners do, as well as how a typical day on the job is spent. Students also explore the first steps in planning an event.

Instruction Pack II: Plan Events

Students study the details involved in planning other types of events, including parties, benefits, fundraisers, festivals, conventions, and conferences. They additionally explore the legal issues that pertain to event planning, as well as the initial steps required to plan weddings and wedding-related gatherings.

Instruction Pack III: Plan Weddings I

Students continue their study of wedding plans, including engagement and ceremony etiquette. In addition, they identify what details should be discussed with clients, from rings to gowns to flowers. Students discover how to plan engagement parties, wedding ceremonies and receptions, as well as how to create—and stick to—a wedding budget.

Instruction Pack IV: Plan Weddings II

Students learn the role of the wedding planner on the day of the wedding and how to plan honeymoons. Students then begin to explore how to establish a wedding and event planning business, including how to write a business plan, and set fees.

Instruction Pack V: Wedding and Event Planning Business

To complete the course, students investigate how to market their services, write contracts, and maintain effective business records. The course wraps up with a real-world practicum in which students apply all that they’ve learned about wedding and event planning.

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