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Online Dental Assistant Course

Dental Assistant Estimated Time of Completion

Estimated Length of program:
9-15 months, self-paced

Dental Assistant Estimated Time of Completion

Registered Dental Assistant (RDA)

Dental Assistant Estimated Time of Completion

Program Goal:
To prepare students to take the RDA exam and gain entry-level employment as a dental assistant.

Program Outcomes

The Introduction to Dental Assisting Course provides graduates with theoretical instruction and practical skills that prepare students to obtain entry-level dental assistant positions in a dentist’s office. Work alongside dentists, orthodontists, and other oral healthcare specialists. You will receive complete step-by-step illustrated lessons that prepare you for this rewarding, in-demand dental assistant career.

Online Dental Assistant school training outcomes

The coursework trains students to:

  • Apply the necessary skills to professionally perform many dental assistant duties and obtain entry-level employment in the field.
  • Perform front office administrative duties, including scheduling appointments, maintaining patient charts and claims processing procedures.
  • Adhere to federal safety, security and privacy regulations, as well as accurately maintain and handle dental records.
  • Use virtual labs to become familiar with various dental procedures.


Instruction Pack I: Introduction to the Dental Assisting Career

Instruction Pack 1 introduces students to the dental assisting career with an overview of the daily activities that occur in dental treatment facilities and the duties and responsibilities of dental assistants. Students study the importance of preventive dentistry and healthy eating habits. Students hone communications skills to effectively interact with co-workers, welcome patients and gather information. Students learn the components of a patient record and the dental assistant’s responsibilities in complying with HIPAA regulations. Pack 1 introduces students to dental equipment, instruments and materials. In addition, students explore the dental treatment area, the elements of a dental examination, dental exam techniques and learn how to measure vital signs.

Instruction Pack II: Operatory Fundamentals Instruction

Pack 2 introduces students to dental front office procedures such as scheduling appointments, maintaining inventory and ordering supplies. Students explore the biology of disease transmission and infection control. In addition, students learn how to use sterilization equipment, learn proper waste disposal, discover the importance of handwashing, gloving, glove removal procedures and the use of other PPE. Students practice dental terminology as they learn about the specific features of the oral cavity and the types of teeth, the dental arches, dentition and tooth numbering systems. Students learn how to classify and chart dental conditions and document treatment plans. Students learn how to maintain asepsis in the operatory area by using barriers and sterilization techniques, lay out instruments and materials and use correct single-handed and two-handed transfer techniques. Pack 2 concludes with instruction on the characteristics of topical, local and general anesthetics, as well as the procedures dental assistants can perform to deliver pain medications.

Instruction Pack III: Advanced Assisting Skills: Part 1

Students explore pediatric dentistry, orthodontia and dentistry for the disabled. They learn common procedures and how dentists treat traumatic injuries. Students identify diseases of the mouth and the effects of medical treatments. Students learn how to respond to common medical emergencies that can occur in the dental office. Finally, students explore oral and maxillofacial surgery procedures and the instruments that are used in this specialized field.

Instruction Pack IV: Advanced Assisting Skills: Part 2

Instruction Pack 4 introduces students to dental insurance and how to determine patient eligibility and benefits and work with procedure codes to file claims. Students also learn about radiology procedures, creation of impressions and how to prepare restorative materials.

Instruction Pack V: Specialization in Dental Assisting

In Pack 5, students gain an overview for assisting with prosthodontic, periodontic and endodontic procedures. Students become familiar with codes of ethics and laws that affect the field of dentistry. The final lesson provides a real-world practicum that allows students the opportunity to “work” in a dental office.

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