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Healthcare Office Manager Course Outline

Healthcare Office Manager Estimated Time of Completion

Estimated Length of program:
4-10 months, self-paced

Healthcare Office Manager Program Estimated Time of Completion

Program Goal:
To prepare students to obtain an entry-level healthcare office manager position.

Program Outcomes

Learn everything you need to know to start a new career as a Healthcare Office Manager! Students will gain a firm foundation in healthcare office management principles and practices. They’ll learn to define medical terms and adhere to ethical standards and guidelines for healthcare professionals. The course covers everything from office protocol and procedures to various types of healthcare insurance and diagnostic and procedural coding manuals. Finally, the course teaches students to correctly complete CMS-1500 forms using cloud-based software.

Cynthia Bracy Instructor

Medical Office Manager Program Instructor/Course Expert

Cynthia Bracy, MPH, RHIA

At U.S. Career Institute, our dedicated team of course experts, instructors and instructor assistants are committed to developing and delivering high-quality curriculum. Our qualified Medical Office Manager instructor Cynthia Bracy, not only possesses extensive qualifications but has also actively worked in the field. This firsthand experience allows her to provide invaluable support to ensure the success of our aspiring Medical Office Manager students.

The coursework trains students to:

  • Apply human anatomy, physiology, and medical terminology correctly.
  • Perform front- and back-office administrative duties, including patient scheduling, accurately maintaining, and handling medical records, filing, and bookkeeping.
  • Implement project- and office-management practices, principles, and procedures, including communication, computer use and research.
  • Perform various tasks using computer programs, such as Microsoft® Word and Excel, as well as accessing the Internet.
  • Apply legal and ethical guidelines to real-world, healthcare office situations.
  • Apply theoretical instruction and practical skills to obtain entry-level, healthcare office manager positions in a physician’s office or inpatient facility.
Online Healthcare Office Manager school training outcomes


Instruction Pack I: Welcome to the World of Healthcare

The Healthcare Office Manager Course begins with an introduction to the world of healthcare and the team involved in the healthcare profession. Lessons outline insurance terminology, tools used in the healthcare profession and the types of health insurance. Students will learn about the documentation in medical records, as well as the basics of good recording practices. Students gain a solid foundation in medical terminology using a unique word-building system to help them interpret new terms. Basic anatomy is examined, and students discover the medical ethics and legal responsibilities that pertain to the healthcare industry—and specifically to healthcare office managers.

Instruction Pack II: Office and Interpersonal Skills

Pack 2 begins with a brief introduction to office management before students focus on interpersonal skills, which is the art of listening and effective communication. Students will examine phone professionalism and appointments systems. After learning the skills needed to create professional business correspondence, students will learn the laws and rules related to sharing health information. Students will look at the administrative and clinical information found in medical records, as well as how to organize documents within the record. The lesson covers common financial responsibilities, as well as basic human resource skills.

Instruction Pack III: Safety and Reimbursement Basics

In this pack, students begin with hands-on practice using cloud-based software to create patient profiles and schedule appointments. After discovering concepts related to safety in the medical office, students encounter many common first-aid situations. Students learn about the history and development of healthcare reimbursement and coding systems. Then, students gain an overview of private insurance, managed care, and government programs. Finally, the details of military insurance and workers’ compensation are reviewed.

Instruction Pack IV: Claims, EOBs, and Insurance Basics

This pack introduces students to one of the most common insurance claim forms—the CMS-1500. Students get extensive, hands-on practice completing the CMS-1500 form and interpreting explanations of benefits, as well as completing secondary claims. Students then explore how to deal with insurance follow-up.

Instruction Pack V: Medical Billing Technology and Final Quiz

Students continue to explore claims in this final pack. After learning about denials and aging, students get hands-on practice completing claims and posting payments using cloud-based software. The pack wraps up the course with a final Quiz that touches on all aspects of the Healthcare Office Manager course.

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