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Criminal Justice School
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Online Criminal Justice Course

Online Criminal Justice Program

Course Outline

Learn everything you need to know to start a new career as a Criminal Justice Specialist. In this online criminal justice program, you'll start by learning about career opportunities in the industry and then develop a foundation in the psychology of crime and victimization.  You'll discover the elements of investigations, crime scenes, and criminal law that show you how a Criminal Justice Specialist fits into each piece of the law enforcement picture.

Here's an overview of the custom learning materials and bonus items you'll receive in your program.

Unit 1


  1. The Exciting World of Criminal Justice
  2. Your Role in the Criminal Justice System
  3. Psychology, Biology, Sociology and Crime
  4. Criminology 101
  5. American Government
  6. Policing
  7. Private Security

Unit 2


  1. The Crime Scene
  2. The Investigation Begins
  3. Helping the Victims
  4. Law Enforcement Reports and Documentation
  5. A Tour Through the U.S. Court System
  6. Criminal Law

Unit 3


  1. A Criminal Trial
  2. Sentencing
  3. Corrections I—Living Behind Bars
  4. Corrections II—Living on Parole
  5. Juvenile Delinquency—Theories and Rationale

Unit 4


  1. Juvenile Delinquency—Crimes and the Courts
  2. Issues that Face the Criminal Justice System
  3. Crimes Up Close

Unit 5


  1. Emergency and Disaster Management
  2. Terrorism and Homeland Security
  3. The Future of Criminal Justice
  4. Putting It All Together—A Comprehensive Practicum

Additional Course Materials*

  • Fitness for Cops
  • Career Starter Guide

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