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Where & How to Study?

By Mariama

Like some you may wonder, from time to time, what’s the best environment to study? From years of studying and witnessing others, I think most people like to retain new information in a place of peace and quiet. Actually, I’ve never met a person who likes to study in noisy places in the 20 something years I’ve been in school! With that being said, “To each, their own.” When studying the environment should be exactly how you like it. I study in a number of places one of them being in the car. My question for you is where and how do you study best?

USCI Blogger Mariama

  1. Where are the best places to study?
  2. Is it a good idea to access technological devices like phones or music players?
  3. How do you organize?
  4. Is studying in a group more beneficial?

Some study in their room, their car, their class, the school library, or in study groups with friends. Some study in parks, cafes or even on airplanes. But what’s the best place to study? From my research, studies don’t necessarily show one spot to study as the best but rather how to create the best study environment.

When it comes to technology and studying, most research would recommend you turn them completely off. However, if you have a reminder on your phone it probably wouldn’t be a good idea. You may also have lists, someone to call or text to study with, or even use it as a calculator. A music player might not be too much of a disturbance. Studies say that when enjoying music or relaxing to it, music can increase productivity.

When it comes to organization I know few who can lead functional lives without it. You want to make sure you organize your notes, hand outs and supplies. Without organization things are likely to creep up on you and become cluttered.

Group study is definitely beneficial. You are able to exchange ideas, and leaders can cement their own knowledge of said topic of study.

If of course you choose to bypass recognizing your ideal study environment then you probably will end up studying haphazardly. You are more likely to achieve better study habits if you have a favorable study place and plan and of course stick to it!