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The Value of Review

As we embark on a new year full of possibilities, we tend to not only look forward to what lies ahead
but to also look back. It may be that we are taking stock of what we have accomplished over the past
year. We take note of where we were and how far we have come. This can be a good exercise. We can
pinpoint areas in which we wish to improve and perhaps set new goals based upon our findings.

You may ask, how does this relate to your studies? Just as one looks back over ground already covered,
so, too, you can go back and review material previously learned. There are several different ways to do
this based upon your field of study. In the program I am in, the following are all ways to review lesson

  • Re-read textbooks (eBooks)
  • Read over your notes
  • Frequent practice with flashcards
  • Do practice exercises over again
  • Do new activities in their entirety!

Review and Practice!

Re-read textbooks (eBooks)–You can keep material fresh in your mind by reading it over again even
after you are long finished with the lessons in each book. Going back over the lessons helps to
reinforce what you have learned.

Read over your notes—If you took the time to write notes, it is a good idea to go over them from time
to time. The notes probably contain items that you zeroed in on as important, and therefore, they are
worth a second look. This is also true regarding items that you chose to highlight in the textbooks.

Frequent practice with flashcards—This is a good way remember new words such as medical terms
or other terminology you may be exposed to in your lessons. With frequent practice, the words start to
become a part of your vocabulary. You are less likely to have trouble with the pronunciations and
definitions later on.

Do practice exercises over again—This might sound boring but it can actually be quite beneficial.
Working through the practice exercises will help to reinforce what you have already learned.

Do new activities in their entirety—New practice exercises often contain material that students have
gone over before. Sometimes, as is the case with the Medical Coding and Billing Specialist program I
am taking, previous material is blended in with new material. For example, some of the practice
questions in the coding section will include material from the billing portion of the course. Students
have filled out CMS-1500 claim forms. Some of the new practice exercises include such a form. While
it is possible to work out the coding part of the question without filling out the CMS-1500 form, it is a
good idea to fill out the entire claim form. I make a point to do so whenever I come across one. I
believe that the extra practice will serve me well in the long term.

It can be difficult sometimes to find the time to work on your studies much less review prior lessons.
However, it can be done. Some types of review only take a few minutes. You might be able to squeeze
in something while you are preparing a meal. Or, if you have an appointment, while you are waiting to
be called in. With careful planning, you can accomplish more than you think.

If you make it a habit to review lesson material throughout your course, you will find it less difficult
when you have to recall it later for exams or final practicums. You will also find that you have a much
better understanding of your field of study which will later transfer to your work in your new career.

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