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10 Ways to Recharge During a Study Break

By: U.S. Career Institute

When taking online classes from home it is important to schedule and take study breaks. Study breaks can help break-up your study sessions, revitalize you, and give you the energy you need to finish your course work for the day.

It may sound odd, but there is a way to make the most of your study break so that you can return to your online program feeling fresh and ready to continue learning! We’ve compile a list of 10 way to recharge during your study break so that you can ensure you are making the most out of those breaks!

Study Break Tips

  1. Eat a Healthy Snack: Try fruits, veggies or something high in protein to fuel your next study block. Avoid anything too heavy so you don't get sleepy halfway through your next assignment!
  2. Read a Chapter From a Fiction Book: Reading for pleasure can be super relaxing, and will take your mind off your studies for a bit.
  3. Go For a Walk: (or bike ride, or swim, etc!) The point here is to get some physical activity and give your brain a break from academics! You’ll not only recharge your mind but you’ll also burn calories and get some exercise.
  4. Be Productive Around the House: Throw in a load of laundry or wash dishes that are in the sink. Checking these things off your to-do list can give you the kick start you need to be just as productive with your schoolwork. Plus, getting the house cleaned up a bit will help you focus better on your work!
  5. Relax: Book an appointment for a massage, facial or pedicure. Don’t be afraid to reward yourself for a week of hard work with a bit of pampering!
  6. Schedule a Coffee Date With a Friend: Whether your best bud or a friend you haven't seen in a while, a warm cup of coffee and good conversation is great for the mind and body.
  7. Take a Drive to Your Favorite Local Spot: Roll the windows down, crank up the music and forget about your study schedule for a few minutes!
  8. Bust Some Moves: Start your own, personal dance party and get your energy up for that next chapter, assignment or quiz. Let go of your inhibitions and just dance it out!
  9. Take a Power Nap: But no longer than 25 minutes! You don't want to wake up feeling groggy; rather you should feel energized and ready to get back to work!
  10. Do a Crossword or Sudoku Puzzle: For some people, this is just what they need to reset them self for another round of studying. Working your brain in a different way is a great way to take a short break from your current lesson.

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