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Human Resources

Human Resources Estimated Time of Completion

Estimated Length of program:
62 Credit Hours in as little as 16 months, self-paced

Human Resources Estimated Time of Completion

Program Goal:
To prepare students to obtain entry-level HR employment in a wide range of fields.

Program Outcomes

With a degree in Human Resources, you’ll have the skills you need to be a leader in the business world. At our distance learning Human Resources school you’ll learn about workplace psychology, recruitment and staffing, employee benefits and labor relations. With our help, you can learn the essential HR skills needed to get started on a new career path or advance in your current career. There's no better time than now to start earning your degree.

The coursework trains students to:

  • Evaluate staffing needs.
  • Utilize effective recruiting and hiring practices.
  • Summarize the basics of employee benefit terminology and programs.
  • Design and implement orientation programs, corporate training and development programs.
  • Explore organizational responsibility for employee safety and related OSHA standards.
  • Maintain and interpret payroll records.
  • Assess the history and current role of labor unions, workers’ compensation and employee rights.
  • Illustrate human resources industry trends and evolving technology.

Program Outline

Semester 1 Courses Credit Hours
GE101 Success Strategies 1
BS100 Business Fundamentals 3
PY110 Workplace Psychology 3
MH101 Applied Business Math 3
BS120 Introduction to Management 3
BS150 Human Resources Management 3
Total: 16
Semester 2 Courses Credit Hours
HR140 Principles of Employment 3
CS101 or CS102 Computer Applications 3
BS140 Economics of Business 4
EN110 Business Communications 3
AC101 Introduction to Accounting I 3
Total: 16
Semester 3 Courses Credit Hours
HR200 Recruitment and Staffing 3
HR220 Employee Benefits Administration 3
BS170 Presentation Skills 3
HR230 Organizational Behavior 3
HR 240 Employee Training and Development 3
HR250 Occupational Safety and Health 3
Total: 18
Semester 4 Courses Credit Hours
GE200 Career Development Strategies 2
BS200 Business Law and Ethics 3
HR270 Labor Relations 3
HR290 Strategic Issues in Human Resources 2
HR299 Human Resources Management Practicum 2
Total: 12

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