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Health Information

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Health Information Technology

Program Outline

The healthcare field is growing fast. This online Health Information Management school will give you the knowledge to be part of the medical team. Learn medical coding, billing, medical office skills and more.

Here are the courses you’ll take to earn your Associate Degree in Health Information Technology:

Semester 1 Courses Credit Hours
GE101 Success Strategies 1
HM101 Intro. To Health Information Tech. 2
PY110 Workplace Psychology 3
MH101 Applied Business Math 3
HM140 Medical Terminology 3
CS101 or CS102 Computer Applications 3
Total: 15
Semester 2 Courses Credit Hours
HM125 Billing for Reimbursement 3
SC150 Anatomy and Physiology I 1
SC155 Anatomy and Physiology II 3
EN110 Business Communications 3
HM160 Medical Office and Records Mgmt. 3
SC160 Pathology and Disease Processes 3
Total: 16
Semester 3 Courses Credit Hours
HM165 Electronic Health Records 1
HM200 Pharmacology 3
HM210 Health Statistics and Data Analysis 3
HM230 Health Information Mgmt. Systems 3
HM245 Diagnostic Coding 3
HM250 Health Info. Technology Mgmt. 3
Total: 16
Semester 4 Courses Credit Hours
HM265 Inpatient Procedural Coding 3
GE200 Career Development Strategies 2
HM270 Procedural Coding 3
HM285 Advanced Coding and Billing for the ICD-10 User. 2
HM290 Law and Ethics for the Healthcare Professional 3
HM295 HIT Practicum for the ICD-10 user 2
Total: 15

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