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Entrepreneurship Associate Degree
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Online Entrepreneurship Degree

Program Outline

Our economy is built by entrepreneurs. Join their ranks and turn your ideas into a business. Your coursework in our online entrepreneurship degree program will teach you accounting, marketing and merchandising. Gain skills to help you take care of everything from upper-level organization to day-to-day operations.

Here are the courses you’ll take to earn your Associate Degree in Entrepreneurship:

Semester 1 Courses Credit Hours
GE101 Success Strategies 1
BS100 Business Fundamentals 3
PY110 Workplace Psychology 3
MH101 Applied Business Math 3
BS120 Introduction to Management 3
BS160 Marketing Principles 3
Total: 16
Semester 2 Courses Credit Hours
CS101 or CS102 Computer Applications 3
AC101 Introduction to Accounting I 3
EN110 Business Communications 3
BS140 The Economics of Business 4
BS150 Human Resources Management 3
Total: 16
Semester 3 Courses Credit Hours
BS240 Entrepreneurship 3
AC201 Introduction to Accounting II 3
MK120 Consumer Behavior 3
MK160 Principles of Advertising 3
BS210 Small Business Management 3
MK200 Principles of Sales 3
Total: 18
Semester 4 Courses Credit Hours
AC240 Finance 3
GE200 Career Development Strategies 2
BS200 Business Law and Ethics 3
BS170 Presentation Skills 3
BS260 E-Commerce 3
Total: 14

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