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Online Entrepreneurship Degree

Business Management Estimated Time of Completion

Estimated Length of program:
64 Credit Hours in as little as 16 months, self-paced

Entrepreneurship Estimated Time of Completion

Program Goal:
To prepare students to start their own business.

Program Outcomes

With a degree in Entrepreneurship, you’ll have the skills you need to be a leader in the business world. Our economy is built by entrepreneurs. Join their ranks and turn your ideas into a business. At our distance learning business school, you’ll learn about marketing, management, finances and business principles. With our help, you can learn the essential skills needed to start your own business. There's no better time than now to start earning your degree.

The coursework trains students to:

  • Apply basic math skills to accounting and financial tasks.
  • Display an understanding of basic computer applications.
  • Communicate effectively in a business environment.
  • Explain how the principles of marketing guide commerce.
  • Link the four principles of management to long-term commercial success.
  • Apply the fundamentals of accounting in an entrepreneurial environment.
  • Apply the ten basic principles of finance to the small business field.
  • Apply managerial accounting principles to product and service costing.
  • Apply effective sales techniques and customer service strategies to the marketplace.
  • Analyze marketing research data to implement sound company strategies.

Program Outline

Semester 1 Courses Credit Hours
GE101 Success Strategies 1
BS100 Business Fundamentals 3
PY110 Workplace Psychology 3
MH101 Applied Business Math 3
BS120 Introduction to Management 3
BS160 Marketing Principles 3
Total: 16
Semester 2 Courses Credit Hours
CS101 or CS102 Computer Applications 3
AC101 Introduction to Accounting I 3
EN110 Business Communications 3
BS140 The Economics of Business 4
BS150 Human Resources Management 3
Total: 16
Semester 3 Courses Credit Hours
BS240 Entrepreneurship 3
AC201 Introduction to Accounting II 3
MK120 Consumer Behavior 3
MK160 Principles of Advertising 3
BS210 Small Business Management 3
MK200 Principles of Sales 3
Total: 18
Semester 4 Courses Credit Hours
AC240 Finance 3
GE200 Career Development Strategies 2
BS200 Business Law and Ethics 3
BS170 Presentation Skills 3
BS260 E-Commerce 3
Total: 14

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