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Self-Paced Online Education to Jump-Start Your Future Fast

At U.S. Career Institute, we understand that life can get pretty hectic. Between family, friends, jobs, and responsibilities, it might seem impossible for you to find the time to go back to school. That's why we've created a self-paced online curriculum that allows our students to study on their own schedule. There are no set class times or due dates, just information you can access whenever you want.

With our self-paced online education programs, you'll be able to earn a certificate or degree in one of several exciting and rapidly expanding fields. Our degree programs include AccountingBusiness Management, Entrepreneurship, Health Information Technology, Human Resources, Medical Specialties, and Social Work. Our knowledgeable instructors can provide you with all of the information you need to start building a new career on your own schedule.

And our DEAC accredited school also offers flexible financing. Our low-cost monthly tuition payment plans make education affordable for anyone looking to start a new career.

Enroll in one of our self-paced online programs today and you'll soon be on your way to a new career and a brighter future!

What Are Self-Paced College Courses?

Self-paced college courses provide students with all of the same information as regular courses but without the rigid deadlines. We understand that while your education is important, it's not the only thing in your life. That's why we structure our programs specifically to allow students to study whenever they can. No one should be denied an education simply because they can't make it to an in-person lecture.

U.S. Career Institute has spent over 40 years perfecting a step-by-step method of distance learning that allows students enrolled in our programs to learn at their own pace. Your course schedule can be worked around your other responsibilities because you determine what that schedule is. Here's how it works:

  1. Get Your First Lesson Pack: You will be provided with all of the course materials you need to get started within seven business days of enrollment. Textbooks, learning materials, and study tools are included and will be available either electronically or by mail.
  2. Study at Your Pace: Our programs allow you to study when and where you want. Without the pressure of strict deadlines, you can more easily work study time into your packed schedule. Do it when you can, and if you have to stop for any reason, your coursework will be waiting to pick back up where you left off when you return.
  3. Work With Your Instructor: Our instructors are just an email or phone call away and more than happy to help you with any problems that come up during your studies.
  4. Remain Calm: It's no secret that college students often deal with the negative effects of anxiety and stress during their education. Learning and testing at your own pace can go a long way toward alleviating these issues. That's why at U.S. Career Institute, our exams are open-book. We test to make sure you don't just memorize the information but understand how to apply it as well. Each of our courses is loaded with practice exercises and real-world examples designed specifically to prepare you for your new career.
  5. Study More: Once you've completed your first lesson pack, you will then proceed on to the next. There's no waiting around to find out how you did on your last exam; we deliver your next lessons to you as soon as possible so you can keep going at whatever pace works best for you.
  6. Graduate: Upon completion of your preferred program, you will be awarded your associate degree.
  7. Get Career Assistance: Even after you've graduated, we're still here to help. Every one of our graduates is provided with career counseling services and information to aid them in searching for a job and building a career.

Is an Online Class the Same as a Self-Paced Class?

The term "online class" may or may not refer to self-paced learning at other schools, so be sure that you understand the program you're looking at before you think of enrolling. At U.S. Career Institute, our online classes are all self-paced, but some schools may offer courses online that are conducted with a rigid schedule.

How Long Does it Take to Get an Associate Degree Online?

An associate degree from a traditional college or university generally requires two years to obtain, but at U.S. Career Institute, you can earn your associate degree in as little as 16 months.

One of the best aspects of choosing a self-paced program is that you can pursue your education at any speed you want. If you want to buckle down and get your degree as fast as possible, you can! If you can only squeeze in a few hours each week and need to take a bit longer, that's OK, too. It's all about making sure you get the education you want at the pace you need.

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