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Online Degrees and Employer Perception

A degree from our DEAC accredited institution may be the right move to help you work towards professional success in the career of your choosing. Our online degree programs are convenient and offer the same benefits as a degree earned in a traditional setting. An online degree can be synchronous or asynchronous, guided, or self-paced.  We deliver our degree content asynchronous or self-paced which allows you to train from home at your own pace and, for many people, this benefit is crucial to their ability to complete a degree. Employers understand and respect this.

Is an Online Degree as Good as a Regular Degree?

When you earn a degree from a DEAC accredited online school, you can be confident in the quality of the educational opportunities offered. Students who opt for remote learning will get the same knowledge from their classes at their own pace in a way that's more convenient. U.S. Career Institute degree programs hold students and course materials to the same standards as traditional colleges.

Is an Online Degree Respected?

Yes. In fact, earning an online degree demonstrates that you're self-motivated, driven to succeed, and good at managing your time and responsibilities. These are incredibly important skills for professionals to develop.

Can You Get a Good Job With an Online Degree?

Students who graduate with an online degree can go on to get great jobs with high earning potential. U.S. Career Institute offers programs in popular fields like Business Management and Health Information Technology, which can offer a wealth of career opportunities. The most important qualities in the eyes of potential employers are the important skills and industry knowledge gained, and with USCI you graduate with both. We understand that many potential students worry whether they will be able to get a job with an online degree, but you can rest assured that earning your online degree is a great career move.

Do Employers Care If You Have an Online Degree?

Employers treat an online degree with as much respect as a traditional degree. More often than not, when they view the school name on your résumé, they won't even know that your degree was obtained online. If an employer asks about an applicant’s online degree, students can affirm with confidence that U.S. Career Institute is a DEAC accredited institution that provides graduates with the skills needed to succeed professionally.

Can You Get a Good Job With an A.A.S Degree?

Yes, you have the opportunity to get a good job with an Associate of Applied Science degree. There are many interesting positions and careers that require an A.A.S degree to qualify. Others may offer entry-level positions that will require higher education to advance in a career. These positions allow a worker to gain valuable experience for later career advancement.

Is an Associate Degree Worth It?

Pursuing an associate degree is absolutely worth it. An associate degree equips you with the skills needed to advance your current career or start a new career, and U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data shows that associate degree-holders  on average, earn $8,000 more annually than those with just a High School Diploma.*


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