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Medical Transcriptionist

Medical Transcription Course Otline

Your medical transcription training will include medical terminology, human anatomy, HIPAA guidelines, grammar, medical record formatting and information about various medical procedures. You will practice transcribing actual doctors' dictation, and learn the ins and outs of running a medical transcription business from home.

Here's an overview of the custom learning materials and bonus items you'll receive in your course.

Course Outline

Unit 1


  1. Welcome to the Exciting World of Medical Transcription
  2. Word Parts and Root Words
  3. Prefixes and Suffixes
  4. Divide Medical Terms
  5. Combine Medical Terms
  6. Listening Skills
  7. Forming Plurals
  8. Proper Names and Acronyms
  9. Abbreviations and Numbers
  10. Medical Capitalization and Medical Punctuation
  11. Grammar Basics
  12. Listening Skills: Opposites and Sound Alikes
  13. Overview of Human Biology
  14. Anatomy: Locate Parts of the Body

Unit 2


  1. Anatomy: Landmarks, Divisions and Body Cavities
  2. Anatomy and Function of a Cell
  3. Tissues and Organ Systems
  4. Specialists
  5. Disease Processes
  6. Medical Reports
  7. Transcribing Skills
  8. The Medical Transcriptionist's Tool Box
  9. Integumentary System
  10. Musculoskeletal System

Unit 3


  1. Neurological System
  2. Cardiovascular System
  3. Immune System and Respiratory System
  4. Gastrointestinal System
  5. Genitourinary System
  6. Transcription Technology
  7. Reproductive System
  8. Endocrine System

Unit 4


  1. Pediatrics
  2. Neuropsychiatry
  3. Professional Medical Ethics and Procedures
  4. Healthcare Records
  5. Electronic Health Records
  6. The Pharmacy and Clinical Laboratory

Unit 5


  1. Pathology Transcription
  2. Diagnostic Imaging
  3. E-mail and Security
  4. Medical Transcription Report Editing
  5. Putting It All Together

Additional Course Materials*

  • Anatomy and Physiology Textbook
  • Medical Transcription Flashcards
  • Medical Dictation Audio
  • Intro to Microsoft Word
  • Alphabetized Flashterms List
  • HIPAA Supplement
  • Express Scribe Supplement
  • Career Starter Guide
  • Professional Headset
  • Professional Foot Pedal
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