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Tips for Going Back to School

By Mariama- USCI Alumni

Sometimes starting new journeys can seem like a daunting task. This is especially the case when you have no clue as to how you’re going to get through your journey or what it will take to complete your future task(s). It can be any journey for that matter. However, primarily, starting the sometimes grueling but still exciting and beneficial learning process can catch future students off guard if they do not know how to prepare. The task of going back to school is a lot for many. Here are just a few helpful tips when endeavoring on an educational reunion.

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5 Tips for Returning to School

    Tip 1: Search for free financial assistance

    Things like scholarships, grants, contests and loans are just some of the ways you can gain free money for school. The internet is filled with websites for this very purpose. Financial aid is a form of a loan which a lot of students apply for. Many students go right to the financial aid website for assistance but before you do that, apply a few other ways that were mentioned. Not a lot of people apply for contests therefore there is a greater chance you could win.

    Tip 2: For starters, you must start saving

    To go back to a community college, university, or trade school may cost a lot. So to be financially prepared, is best. When starting any journey or task you never know what may present itself as a circumstance later down the road. This is why your finances should be established, for things like a study tools or even new equipment that has crashed. You may even have to take care of a sick family member and a stash of extra cash would serve a great purpose.

    Tip 3: Get all study tools needed and study

    It’s good to start off with the necessary study tools and equipment your program requires. To be up to date most times you the student need a lap top with internet service. A telephone in case you need to contact your instructor and a scanner and/or fax machine, for assignments, if needed. Study tools may consist of anything used to aid you in learning said information in your course.

    Tip 4: Take study breaks and also relax

    When you’ve gotten a pretty familiar routine down and you’ve put in hard work studying and have taken some quizzes or tests, take a study break and relax! Not for the rest of the program but for an adequate amount of time. Then get back into your studies like you never left!

    Tip 5: Keep things mapped out, planned and organized

    USCI Blogger Mariama

    Maybe you have a rhythm that helps you stay on top of things. Maybe you jot down every detail that comes to mind on your calendar. Maybe you’re all over the place. It never hurts to plan ahead by way of a journal, agenda or calendar.

All in all, I’m sure you know some of the things that were mentioned. Now all that is left to be done is practice them. And you’ll do well in your journey!

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