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How Do I Find A Career Path in High School

By: Katelyn Fahrenbruck Weston

High school can be a critical time in any person’s life! During the high school years, you will learn and discover more about the things that interest you. Some of these things may be options for a career path later in life! But, how do you know you’re exploring all the options available to you?

It can feel overwhelming to consider how many potential paths you could pursue. From business to healthcare everything in between, there are sure to be careers that fit your skills and interests. However, it may take some serious self-reflection to narrow down what fits your lifestyle.

Choosing a Career Path in High School

But Wait… I’m Not a Traditional High School Student! Now What?

When you choose to continue a high school education online or through homeschool, you may feel like you don’t have the resources you need to find your best career option. In-person schools will have guest speakers, job fairs, or aptitude tests to help you learn more about your career options. However, nontraditional high school doesn’t mean you can’t explore career options on your own!

It will take more research to find your options on your own, but you may just find you feel even more confident in your decision after you’ve done so.

Consider asking yourself questions about what you like to spend your time doing! Is it working with your hands or working from home? Is it with a team or on your own? For more question ideas, keep reading for our quick Career Finder quiz!

What Will Help Me Prepare for a Career While Getting a Diploma?

Taking classes to receive your diploma means you’re already taking steps to better your life in the future. Congratulations! You’ve already taken the first step, which is often the most difficult. Learning important skills like self-motivation, discipline, and perseverance while you are studying will carry over into the workplace.

While you study for your diploma, you’re also learning how to use important skills like time management and critical thinking! Those are things that will benefit you no matter what career path you choose.

You can also help prepare yourself for the future by creating schedules, setting goals, and practicing good work/life balance. When you have these skills, you’ll feel ready to succeed wherever life takes you.

Can Getting my Diploma Online Actually Help me Find a Career?

The short answer is yes! There are many benefits to finishing your high school diploma online, one of which is increased flexibility. When you’re studying at your own pace and not within set hours, you can create a schedule that works for you. What does that leave time for?

  • Internships
  • Apprenticeships
  • Hobbies
  • Job Shadowing
  • And So Much More!

When your schooling can be flexible, so can the rest of your life. You can take time to pursue things that interest you while you’re still in school. With that kind of hands-on practice and training, you’ll know exactly what you love.

Choosing your career path should be exciting, not stressful! With the right tools, you can spend your time in high school or finishing your diploma getting excited for the next steps you’re going to take. Still not sure? Check out our quick quiz to get yourself started!

What school subjects do I prefer?

  1. Math or Science
  2. History or English
  3. Art, Music, or other hands-on classes
  4. P.E., or an after school activity

When I think of my dream job, how closely do I interact with other people?

  1. Every day, I love being around people
  2. Most days, I would prefer to work as part of a team
  3. Rarely, I would prefer to work alone
  4. 50/50, equal amounts of working by myself and working in a quiet space

Do I like the thought of working with my hands?

  1. 50/50, I’m okay with an active job, but I would like down time too
  2. No, I would prefer to work in an office or at home environment
  3. Sometimes the things I love to do require me to be hand-on, yes!
  4. Always! I would love to be busy and active as part of my job

Does directly helping people sound like something I would like as a career?

  1. I can’t imagine a job where I wasn’t caring for people - it’s what I’m best at!
  2. I would prefer a more behind-the-scenes role!
  3. I like the thought of sharing the things I have to offer with people in a group setting.
  4. Yes! I would love to use my job as a way to help other people.

This simple quiz can give you an idea about what you prioritize in a career!

If you answered mostly A’s, you may want to consider a career in healthcare. It encourages your love of science and your desire to take care of people. Squeamish or not sure about traditional healthcare options? Consider something like a pharmacy technician or a medical billing role! If you prefer animals to people, you could also consider veterinary assisting.

If you answered mostly B’s, you might enjoy working in a business or office setting. You could pursue careers such as a paralegal, bookkeeper, or office administrator. You’ll spend your time working as part of a team in an office and communicating clearly with your teammates.

If you answered mostly C’s, you may want to consider a career path where your creativity can thrive! That may mean wedding or event planning. It may mean teaching art or music lessons. When you have the desire to pursue creative dreams, it helps to know that you can find success starting a small business for yourself!

If you answered mostly D’s, there’s a chance your perfect career choice is a personal trainer, massage therapist, or physical therapy aide. If you love to be active but also want to help people thrive, these jobs are perfect to accomplish both.

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