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How Returning to School Can Advance Your Career

By Mariama- USCI Alumni

Maybe you have been out of school due to circumstances out of your control. Maybe you thought school was not for you. Maybe you had to trade the books in for a dream job. Maybe your finances wouldn’t allow you to continue. Or it could have been a mixture of things. Many of us desire to go back to school, college, or to get other degrees at certain points in life. Most adults decide to go back for personal reasons which may be family oriented, business oriented, money wise, or for personal enrichment. Whatever the case, school can and will be beneficial, rewarding and a great tool to get ahead!

School can be beneficial in many ways. It can allow you to get the promotion you've always dreamed of, or an increase in pay for your knowledge. It can also benefit you in that there are hundreds of applicants for a job position - with degrees, certificates, and school-related awards, you are likely to have your application viewed. Many people easily trust a person who is proven knowledgeable with a certificate or degree in their field of work. You will be well equipped to be an expert in your line of work. You can add your academic endeavors to your resume as well. Along with that, the more you can network and meet new people, the more potential for success you will have. Versatility and similarity will provide a common thread between you and others.

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Heading back to school for adults, in some cases, is a must. Sometimes the job requires that you take certain enrichment courses. However, this is not done in vain. In some cases you will receive your doctorate, masters, bachelors, associates, certificate, or credits. You may also receive awards from a well-developed organization, team or club. Many awards can be earned during the journey through to completion. You may even start to see your wages go up as a bonus in your current position. Although, keep in mind that nothing can compare to the reward of completing your program!

As far as promotions and wage increases, you will hopefully encounter these after returning to school. There are numerous statistics showing that school-related qualifications give you an upper hand in general. No matter what you may study, work for, or volunteer for, there will always be perks to getting an education!

So if you’re an adult returning to school, just know that it's not all said and done. First, keep in mind the benefits that will help you stay motivated. Then, the rewards for your hard work will come to you along the way. Lastly, if you want that extra push, that extra shove, then complete your field of study and you’ll be on your way to the next level of success!

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