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Office Administrator Outline

Office Administrator

Course Outline

Learn everything you need to know to start a new career as an Office Administrator. Your training includes basic office administration procedures, written communication skills, record management, computer skills, and the legal and ethical aspects of office management.
Here's an overview of all of the custom learning materials and bonus items you'll receive in your course.

Unit 1


  1. The Exciting World of the Office Administrator
  2. Business Basics
  3. Interpersonal Relations
  4. Office Procedures: Part 1, Front Office Skills
  5. Office Procedures: Part 2, Project Management
  6. Office Technology

Unit 2


  1. Internet Basics
  2. Record and File Management
  3. Using Resources and References
  4. Math for Office Professionals
  5. Written Communication Skills: Part 1
  6. Written Communication Skills: Part 2

Unit 3


  1. Note-taking Techniques
  2. Office Management
  3. Legal and Ethical Issues for the Office Administrator
  4. The Financial Side of Office Administration
  5. Integrated Computer Applications
  6. Database Management

Pack 4


  1. Word Processing
  2. Business Correspondence: Forms and Formats
  3. Spreadsheet Fundamentals

Unit 5


  1. Create Professional Spreadsheets
  2. Create Professional Presentations
  3. Pulling It All Together: Practicum

Additional Course Materials*

  • Math Tutor for the Office Professional Supplement
  • Quick Check Punctuation and Grammar Guide
  • Payroll Processing Supplement
  • How to Read a Balance Sheet
  • How to Read an Operating Statement
  • Career Starter Guide


*Additional course materials are delivered to you throughout the program.

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