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Massage Therapy Outline

Massage Therapy

Course Outline

Learn everything you need to know to start a new career as a Massage Therapist. You will develop skills to help your clients' recover from injury, avoid the harmful effects of stress, and live a healthier life. You will learn the basics of therapeutic massage techniques and advanced concepts in human physiology and kinesiology.

Here's an overview of all of the custom learning materials and bonus items you'll receive in your course.

Unit 1


  1. The Past, Present and Future of Massage Therapy
  2. Popular Bodywork Approaches—An Overview
  3. Ethics in the Therapeutic Setting
  4. Anatomical Terms and Locations

Unit 2


  1. Organ Systems from Respiratory to Reproductive
  2. Organ Systems from Skin to Muscular
  3. Movement and Support: Part 1—The Shoulder Girdle and Arm
  4. Safety Precautions for the Practitioner and the Client
  5. Swedish Massage: Part 1—Theory and Techniques

Unit 3


  1. Movement and Support: Part 2—The Forearm and Hand
  2. Movement and Support: Part 3—The Head and Neck
  3. Swedish Massage: Part 2—Procedures
  4. Movement and Support: Part 4—The Torso: Front and Back
  5. Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Unit 4


  1. Movement and Support: Part 5—The Pelvis and Thigh
  2. Movement and Support: Part 6—The Knee, Leg and Foot
  3. The Therapeutic Setting—Client Comfort and Client Records
  4. Energy Techniques
  5. Hydrotherapy Techniques

Unit 5


  1. Sports Massage: Part 1—Theory and Techniques
  2. Sports Massage: Part 2—Procedures
  3. Massage Contraindications and Cautions
  4. Disease Education
  5. Legal Issues for the Massage Therapist

Additional Course Materials*

  • Massage Terminology CDs
  • Introduction to Massage Therapy DVD
  • Professionalism to Practice DVD
  • The Swedish Massage DVD
  • Sports Massage DVD
  • Pocket First Aid Guide
  • Massage Terminology Flashcards
  • Massage Anatomy Flashcards
  • Aromatherapy for Massage Therapists Supplement
  • Massage Glossary
  • Meridian Supplement for Massage Therapists
  • Career Starter Guide

*Additional Course Materials will be delivered to you throughout your course.

Letter of Academic Achievement

When you complete the academic portion of your training, you will receive written notification attesting to your accomplishment. The Letter of Academic Achievement also advises you that you are now ready to proceed to the advanced, final stage of the course, if you choose to do so.

Exciting Hands-On Opportunity!

If your goal is to work as a Professional Massage Therapist, you will want to check regulations in your area. Completing the U.S. Career Institute hands-on training prepares you for graduation. This training is conducted by our expert, credentialed Massage instructors at our Fort Collins, CO, facility.

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