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Balance is a Process

By Mariama- USCI Alumni

We often need time away from difficult or stressful situations such as work, education, sometimes family, and the ultimate test, life. It’s good to get away sometimes and strengthen and rebuild yourself. We all know difficult situations can come just as simple as blessings do. In order to create balance in those areas we must pay close attention to how they affect us. Sometimes, work causes us to miss a meal or pull an occasional all-nighter. Studying can cause that as well. We need organizational skills to put order to our families. For instance you may need to write a schedule for when the children eat. For when the babysitter is coming, when you get a break to study, what time you have to be into work or begin your job at home, or when the ac/heat man is coming. With all these things to juggle I’m sure it can get overwhelming that’s why a touch of balance is needed. And as you may have found out balance is a process and happens over time.

Balance is a Process

Work, education or family first? That is the question on most people’s mind. If you’ve payed attention, these things can affect you. Whether it does, over a period of time or now, varies. Work, education and family can interrupt your sleep schedule for days at time or even weeks with a newborn. It is best to have someone who can help you if you should need to get back on the right sleeping schedule. Just as well, one day you may have not had enough time to appropriately study and pushed it aside. Now you have to cram the night before the exam and interrupt your sleeping pattern once again. Realistically, if you had used your organizational skills and came up with a time to study prior to the exam then it may have helped a lot more. In any circumstance work may take an emotional, physical, and mental toll on you and some time off would be good for you. You can’t take a break every time it gets stressful but you can prevent the stresses from taking a toll on you. How? Not taking work events home with you which is easier said than done sometimes. However, at home you see different people; you can soothe yourself by maybe a foot massager or a sweet treat to perk up. And there’s always sleep to totally take your mind off.

Organizational skills are essential when planning and putting future events in a certain order. You may find that an agenda, calendar or notebook may help when ordering your life. Although you may not always remember to write things down, the more you do, the better chance you have for remembering things and for making time to do these things.

There are a number of things we have to balance in life. And like many things if you don’t pay close enough attention or use your organizational skills you may find yourself a bit off kilter. So make sure you do enough of these things and it will be smooth sailing!

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