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HVAC Course Outline

HVAC Estimated Time of Completion

Estimated Length of program:
4-6 months, self-paced

HVAC Time of Completion

Certification Results:
EPA Section 608 Type I, Type II, Type III

HVAC Time of Completion

Program Goal:
To prepare students to sit for the EPA Section 608 Type I, Type II, Type III certification exams and gain entry-level employment as an HVACR Technician.

Program Outcomes

As the HVACR field grows, so does the need for knowledgeable HVACR technicians. Our online HVACR course training will include how to maintain, service and install heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Graduates of this course will learn the necessary skills to professionally perform the duties of an HVACR Tech. Students get an introduction to the field of HVACR including theories, regulations, systems, procedures, safety and equipment. The program trains students to:

Jill Bear Instructor

HVAC Program Instructor/Course Expert

Dan Knowles

At U.S. Career Institute, our dedicated team of course experts, instructors and instructor assistants are committed to developing and delivering high-quality curriculum. Our qualified HVAC Program instructor Dan Knowles, not only possesses extensive qualifications but has also actively worked in the field. This firsthand experience allows her to provide invaluable support to ensure the success of our aspiring HVAC students.

  • Apply mathematical processes and use of formulas necessary for design, evaluation and installation of HVACR systems.
  • Explain usage of HVACR materials, equipment and tools needed for installation and diagnostic tasks.
  • Describe safety procedures and established regulations related to workplace and job requirements.
  • Understand the refrigeration cycle, gas laws and properties of refrigerants required for diagnostic and systems design.
  • Discuss how to use drawings, technical diagrams and specification charts required for installation and repair of HVACR systems.
  • Understand theories and processes for evaluating and installing electrical systems and controls.
  • Describe procedures for installing, inspecting, testing, repairing and maintaining HVACR systems.
  • Explain procedures for following government regulations regarding the conservation, recovery and recycling of refrigerants.
Online HVAC school training outcomes


Instruction Pack I: Introduction to the World of the HVACR

Instruction Pack I introduces students to the HVACR technician career. Students are introduced to the communication, customer service, finances and record keeping. Students gain a strong foundation in HVACR theories. In addition, students explore some of the tools used in the field and learn about job site safety.

Instruction Pack II: Fundamental HVACR Skills, Part 1

Instruction Pack II provides students with an overview of HVACR terminology, tool safety and certification and apprenticeship basics. Students explore ethic and legal topics related to the field. The pack wraps up with information about identifying components and fundamental HVACR theory.

Instruction Pack III: Fundamental HVACR Skills, Part 2

Instruction Pack III introduces students to HVACR regulations, including ventilation and air quality regulations like ASHRAE Standard 62-1999 and ASHRAE Thermal Comfort Requirements and humidity levels. The pack concludes with in-depth information on core requirements.

Instruction Pack IV: Certification Levels, Estimating and Practicum

Pack IV explores levels of certification that apply to various areas of the HVAC field, such as AC and refrigerants certification and Type I, II and III certifications. Students examine how to estimate and bid on HVACR projects. The final lesson provides a real-world practicum that allows you the opportunity to HVACR skills.

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